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7/27/11 - Two Ambushes

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7/27/11 - Two Ambushes Empty 7/27/11 - Two Ambushes

Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 27 Jul 2011, 7:38 pm

Two battles today and that's about it.

Also some changed to Unique abilities.

They now have a cooldown effect of two days. So you can only use it every two days. Everyone's first unique abilities will basically be a beefed up version of an already exisiting ability and are unblockable. Unique abilities require all your AP to equip.

Now abilities during battle:

Remember in order to use an ability for an ambush or duel you must tell me that in your email. So it must be equipped, and then you must tell me that you want to use it in battle. If you are being ambushed then one ability will automatically be used.

In ambushes and duels you can use up to two abilities.

All this is in the database in case you want to refer back to it.

See you tomorrow.


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