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Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 01 Jun 2011, 12:34 am

Not too far away from Green Crater, the Tribillion Army's headquarters on the Moon, a dark silhouette can be seen standing tall facing the Earth. Conrad Vaugner sat quietly and patiently in the cockpit of his black Gouf as he waited for a known ambush that is to come. What he didn't know is from what direction it was coming from. The overlay of stars in the jet black space and the gloomy gray ground of the moon accented Vaugner's mood perfectly.

The Gouf's communications began to signal as someone was trying to get a hold of Conrad. After switching it on a comm officer from Green Crater began to speak. "Good evening Mr. Vaugner. You've been standing there for the past two days and the commander was wondering if you requested something that hasn't arrived or if you would like to request something..."

"That's quite alright, although I am a good distance away from HQ please let me know if I am being a disturbance to you all."
"Oh...not at all sir we just wanted to make sure everything was alright," the comm officer responded.
"Thanks, send the commander my regards."

As soon as Conrad finished his sentence the Gouf was impacted by something from behind.

"Damn that comm officer and his distraction!" Conrad said out loud as he braced himself. Gundam Exia can be seen from afar from where it threw both of its beam daggers to the Gouf, each one landing on the back of the shoulders. Two miniature explosions went off pushing the Gouf to it's knees. Conrad quickly got back up and turned around.

"Conrad!!" exclaimed Ezio Bangladoosh as he charged with the Exia's GN sword.
"'s about time!" Conrad lifted the Zaku bazooka and pointed it to the Exia taking a deep breathe to steady his aim. With the trigger pulled the first bazooka round flew towards Ezio, who lifted his shield but to no avail. Exia's shield was demolished and before he could recover a second round impacted the Exia's chest. Ezio jerked in his cockpit and blindly fired from his vulcan cannon on his left forearm. The Gouf took a hop back and steadied its bazooka once again. A third round was fired but this time dodged, giving the Exia time to get in point blank range of the Gouf.

Conrad threw the bazooka to the ground and the Gouf leaped back dodging a swing of the GN sword. A second swing was delivered and dodged again but this time caused the Gouf to lose its balance and fall to its back.

"HAHAH!" Ezio took a third swing downward but was caught by the Gouf's heat rod. Conrad yanked the Gouf's arm back pulling and destroying the GN sword from the Exia's arm. The Gouf bought some time to get up by firing some rounds from its fingers forcing the Exia to back up a bit. Ezio deployed the GN long sword in one hand and beam saber in the other and prepared for another charge. The Gouf took out its heat sword and raised its sheild, which the Exia destroyed by a slash of its beam saber. Both suits then swung their steel swords toward each other causing the two blades to meet and repel. The Gouf countered with a thrust through the Exia's left leg.

While Conrad sat there amazed by no explosion, the Exia swung the long blade, severing the Gouf's right hand. Conrad retreated to retrieve the bazooka but was hampered by rounds of the Exia's vulcan gun. Knowing that the Exia was about to attempt yet another charge the Gouf boosted it's thrusters and flew to the far side of the moon to play it safe.

Gundam Exia wins
Gouf - EXP: 5 / Repair: 2 days / Repair cost: free
Gundam Exia - EXP: 8 / Repair 1 day / Repair cost: 200 credits


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Post  Drace-Neue Ziel on Wed 01 Jun 2011, 1:00 am

Wow, a pretty heated battle! Good show you two.
Drace-Neue Ziel
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Post  Conrad Vaugner on Thu 02 Jun 2011, 3:27 pm

Next time u won't be so lucky Ezio...I will make sure to punish that corporal who distracted me when u entered to sucker punch me Bangladoosh. This won't be the last time you see me in battle.
Conrad Vaugner
Conrad Vaugner

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