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Gouf Ambushes Hyaku Shiki

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Gouf Ambushes Hyaku Shiki Empty Gouf Ambushes Hyaku Shiki

Post  HippoAdmin on Tue 19 Jul 2011, 8:34 pm

The Hyaku Shiki shined brightly as it stood atop the massive asteroid of Freedom 3. On the side of it, stood Conrad Vaugner in his Gouf as he prepared to strike.

"Not much room to pull off a proper ambush." Conrad thought to himself as he scanned the area with his cameras. "Hmph, looks like a couple of surprise bazooka rounds will have to do it." he added as the Gouf raised its bazooka launcher.

After waiting a couple more minutes the Gouf leaped in the air with its bazooka over its shoulder and pointed straight at the Hyaku Shiki.
"Yup, if it wasn't Epyon then of course the Gouf." Phillip thought to himself as he began evading the few bazooka rounds that were shot at him. He returned fire from the Hyaku Shiki's beam rifle, that were also dodged by the Gouf.

The two mobile suits kept their distance as they spun around above the asteroid exchanging fires. Finally, the first blow was landed by the Hyaku Shiki with two beam rifle rounds to the Gouf's torso. Conrad, acting like nothing hit him at all, changed up his strategy and began firing from his 75mm machine gun. Phillip dodged what he could with the few hitting him barely leaving a scratch. As he occupied himself from avoiding the machine gun rounds, the Gouf once again took aim with the bazooka and fired, this time hitting the Hyaku Shiki in the hip.

Phillip used his vulcan guns to provide some cover as he backed up from the Gouf to try and recover.
"Damn, that one really messed me up..." He thought to himself.
"Your evasive maneuvers were impressive...until you got hit." Conrad sarcastically said over the comm link.
"Hehe right back at you buddy." responded Phillip.

The Hyaku Shiki leaped in the air as it avoided another bazooka round that impacted the ground. Phillip took out a beam saber and moved in on the Gouf. As it flew towards the Gouf, the Hyaku Shiki swerved around another bazooka round and slashed at the bazooka, disabling it for good. The Gouf quickly drew its heat sword and slashed the Hyaku Shiki in the back, sending it down to the surface. Conrad followed this move with a couple of rounds of his 75mm fingers to the mobile suit as it lay on the ground. The Hyaku Shiki's thrusters suddenly fired up and boosted it upwards, causing it to ram into the Gouf. Phillip turned the suit around and slashed at the Gouf's chest.

After recovering, Conrad backed up and threw his heat rod towards the Hyaku Shiki, wrapping it around its waist. He pulled the Hyaku Shiki towards him and drove his heat sword through the suits chest. As the heat rod released it, the Hyaku Shiki fell to the ground again this time disabled.

Gouf wins
Hyaku Shiki - EXP: 5 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 300
Gouf - EXP: 6 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 200


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