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Guncannon Ambushes Gundam Exia Empty Guncannon Ambushes Gundam Exia

Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 27 Jul 2011, 6:55 pm

Viktor Tarasov watched from a distance as the Exia arrived onto the wasteland of Mars. He strapped into his cockpit seat as he placed a photograph of his family back on Earth aside.

"Whatever business that Red Being had here on Mars is about to change.." Viktor thought to himself.

After landing on the surface, the Exia began to move in the opposite direction, causing Viktor to begin pursuing it. After getting a good distance between the two suits again, the Guncannon leaped in the air and fired from its cannons straight down to the Exia. The blast slammed Ezio to the ground.

"AGH scum! What the hell do you think you're doing on this planet?!" Ezio asked with fury.
"I didn't think I would need an invitation. No one tried to stop me while I was arriving." answered Viktor in a slight sarcastic tone.
"You little!" The Exia blasted up from the ground and swung its long blade out. The Guncannon fired a beam from its rifle, hitting the Exia in the chest. Ezio decided to return fire with his own beam rifle and backed that up with his vulcan gun rounds. Viktor attempted to dodge but was instead overwhelmed by the incoming blasts.

Ezio remained at a distance, waiting to see what the Guncannon was going to try next.

"Not going to attack me?" Viktor asked.
"I'm smarter than that.." Ezio responded as he continued to carefully watch the Guncannon's movements.

Viktor quickly got his mobile suit up and charged straight for the Exia, which spun around it and slashed the Guncannon in the back. Viktor countered with a slam of the Guncannon's elbow into the Exia's head, causing Ezio's cameras to slightly malfunction. The Guncannon turned around and ducked, dodging a horizontal slash of the Exia's long blade. Another blast from the Guncannon's canons sent the Exia flying in the air and back on the ground.

Viktor took no time in charging for the Exia once again, while firing from his vulcan guns. The Exia swung its blade while on the ground, slashing the Guncannon's legs and causing it to kneel. Viktor aimed his canon's once again straight up to the Exia, which was now on its feet.

"Not again!" Ezio exclaimed as he outstretched the Exia's left hand to try and grab a hold of the cannons, resulting in the destruction of its entire left arm. The Exia then drove its long blade through the right cannon and flew back for some breathing room. Ezio took out a beam dagger and threw it to the Guncannon at the same time that the Guncannon shot out a beam from its rifle. The dagger just barely grazed the Guncannon's left shoulder while the beam shot off the Exia's head, finishing the battle.

Guncannon wins
Gundam Exia - EXP: 4 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 450
Guncannon - EXP: 6 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 200


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