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Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon Empty Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon

Post  HippoAdmin on Thu 14 Jul 2011, 8:31 pm

A blizzard breaks out over a barren field in northern Russia. It's in this field where four mobile suits have decided to make a strike on a target. Each one of the pilots using the blizzard to their own advantage, thinking that they'll each get an edge on their opponent.

Neo Makenshi on the other hand sat in the cockpit of the Astray with a different goal in mind; to keep warm. He sat quietly in his seat reading, with the intentions of waiting out the storm. A couple yards away, amongst some frozen trees the Hyaku Shiki tried its best to move in undetected, relying on the snow to cover up the mobile suit's bright coating.

Tallgeese stood at the base of a snowy cliff and watched the Hyaku Shiki's movements closely. Makato wondered why the Hyaku Shiki was acting sneaky itself.

On the cliff, Viktor treading through the thick snow, while at the same time was being pushed by the heavy winds.
"Damn...maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.." he thought to himself as he begin to fixate his cameras. Suddenly the Tallgeese popped up on the screen, and Viktor could barely make it out.
"Yeah, that's definitely it." The Guncannon slowly moved a little closer to the edge and eventually ended up right above the Tallgeese.
"If I could target it in the right spot with my cannons, I'll down it then finish him off quickly with my beam rifle." Viktor said as he attempted to target through these heavy conditions. Just as he positioned it where he wanted, his cockpit began to flash. Viktor moved the camera to the right only to see three objects in the distance, all glowing green.

"What the hell is-" Before Viktor could finish the glowing objects moved at an alarming pace straight towards him. At the last second, he was able to make out the Deathscythe's beam scythe as it came slashing towards him. The scythe slashed across the Guncannon's torso causing it to fall down from the cliff.

Makato looked up only to see a large red object falling right above it.
"What the hell is that!" He exclaimed as he attempted to escape but was forced to the ground after breaking the Guncannon's fall.

Phillip heard a loud thumping noise cut through the sounds of the blizzard and began to look around.
"It didn't come from where the Astray is..." He thought to himself. "Hmm..someone trying to ambush me?" The Hyaku Shiki got up from the ground and turned around. After a short while he began to see and hear explosions off in the distance.


The Guncannon, still atop the Tallgeese, fired its cannons straight up at the Deathscythe. The rounds blasted on the Deathscythe's torso destroying one of its machine cannons on its chest, but Pancho continued his course. He landed on the Guncannon's legs and swung downward, slashing the Guncannon's torso again. As he prepared one more slash he noticed the Tallgeese under the Guncannon.

"The hell you doing here Makato?" He asked.
" ambush...someone else." Makato struggled to say.
"Wow, what are the odds, hey man if I hit you I'm sorry! I'm trying to get this guy!" Pancho replied as he swung his scythe again to the Guncannon. The Guncannon lifted his arm fired its beam rifle straight at the Deathscythe's arm, interrupting its slash. He then boosted up and rammed the Deathscythe into the cliff's base.

The Hyaku Shiki slowly approached the battle, still confused on what is going on.
"A red mobile suit...that's gotta be Viktor!" Phillip boosted the Hyaku Shiki closer but was shot down to the ground by an unknown force. The Tallgeese, still on the ground managed to fire from its dober gun straight to the Hyaku Shiki.
"You're fight is with me!" Makato yelled after the Tallgeese finally got up. Phillip fired back with his own beam rifle but missed. The Tallgeese fired some more rounds to the Hyaku Shiki, keeping it on the ground.

"And yours is with me...Makato!" Viktor yelled as the Guncannon punched the Tallgeese in the back. The Tallgeese turned around and then flew back from the impact of cannon rounds.

"You ok Phil?" Viktor asked.
"Yeah...uh, but I'm gonna head the other way, the Astray is my target." Phillip responded as he began to flee. The Tallgeese got back up and pursued the Hyaku Shiki.
"Not so fast Tallgeese!" The Guncannon jumped up in the air but was caught by the Deathscythe.


Neo placed his book down and placed his hands on the controls of the Astray.
"Something's coming..." He thought to himself as he turned the mobile suit around. Suddenly from the air the Deathscythe and and Guncannon came crashing down to the ground. The Hyaku Shiki and Tallgeese broke through the snow topped trees both firing from their rifles. Phillip quickly turned to the Astray and fired from his beam rifle at it. Neo, struck with confusion, was struck in the shoulder by the round and took out his own beam rifle.

"What's going on...which one is attacking me...or was that an accident??" Neo said while trying to aim at one of the four mobile suits on the field.

The five mobile suits suddenly stopped as each one attempted to recover and regain composure.

"May I ask...what is going on here?" Neo announced.
"Looks like we all had our eyes on someone at once." Viktor responded.
"All I know is...I had my eyes on Alliance scum!" Pancho yelled as he charged to the Guncannon, who fired its beam rifle at it. Makato aimed his dober gun at the Guncannon and fired twice while charging to the Hyaku Shiki. The Tallgeese swiftly took out a beam saber and slashed upwards on the Hyaku Shiki's torso.

Neo fired at the Hyaku Shiki with his beam rifle, causing it to fall on its knees. The Tallgeese lunged its saber downward, but was deflected by a quick swing of the Hyaku Shiki's own beam saber. The two continued to exchange slashes as the Astray continued to fire upon the Hyaku Shiki.

The Guncannon managed to escape from the Deathscythe and tackled the Tallgeese to the ground. He turned and fired at the Deathscythe, shooting its head off.
"My cameras! Damn IT!" Pancho said as he slammed on his controls. The Guncannon jumped up in the air from the Tallgeese and fired twice from its cannons. Makato's cockpit shook violently, causing him to lose control. The Astray moved in with its katana slashing tthe Hyaku Shiki, who had just gotten up, in the back. The Tallgeese then drove its saber through the Hyaku Shiki, nearly targeting the cockpit.

"Phillip!" Viktor screamed as he ran towards the Tallgeese. The Guncannon was suddenly struck in the back by the Deathscythe's buster shield. Viktor turned around and saw the Deathscythe on the ground with its cockpit hatch open and arm outstretched.
"It's freakin' cold, hurry up Makato!" Pancho yelled as snow began to fill up in his cockpit.

The Tallgeese aimed its dober gun and fired three times, sending the Guncannon to the ground. The Astray kept its guard up in case of a sudden attack from the Tallgeese, the only other suit standing.
"Another day, Blazer" Makato said as he went over to the Deathscythe to help Pancho out.

Tallgeese wins
Gundam Deathscythe - EXP: 3 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 200
Guncannon - EXP: 5 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: free
Hyaku Shiki - EXP: 4 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: free
Gundam Astray Red Frame - EXP: 2 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 100
Tallgeese - EXP: 8 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 150


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Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon Empty Re: Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon

Post  Logan Wolf on Thu 14 Jul 2011, 8:46 pm

Jesus! Too bad I wasn't on Earth for that.

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Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon Empty Re: Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon

Post  Phillip Strontheim on Thu 14 Jul 2011, 9:16 pm

This is all incredibly silly.
Phillip Strontheim
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Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon Empty Re: Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon

Post  Vangran on Fri 15 Jul 2011, 1:58 am

Too bad I had already left the previous day.

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Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon Empty Re: Deathschythe Ambushes Guncannon

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