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The Colonial Council
Location: Moon's Mirror, Point 3
After the meeting of colony leaders in 2348 AD, the Star Blazers were formed. The leaders decided that they had enough work to do in leading their own colonies, so they appointed three influential individuals to guide the newly formed faction. Francis O'Hare, Deborah Scaggs, and Ralph Scaggs all came from different colonies but all had significant political power from their homes. For the first three years they conducted their operations from a mother ship that remained on a continuous course through each of the Points. After the Mars Nightmare, the council was advised to settle in one of the colonies for their own safety. The Republic of Miah gladly welcomed them in Moon's Mirror, which is where they now preside. The space fortress Axis was constructed in Point 3 not too long after for even more security of the council.

During a brief meeting with some Star Blazer pilots on January 30, 0002, the council was attacked by unknown assassins who were put down by the pilots.


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