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Gregory Barret
Age: 36
Location: Mars
Gregory has always been in the political spotlight on Mars since his early 20s. Although he hails form the country Bismarck, he would like to think he spoke for the majority of the planet. He first gained attention by delivering a speech on the importance of severing the ties with the Red Colony and allowing the two to give each other space. This triggered the start of his rivalry with Scarth Varo, who was trying his best to strengthen the relationship between the two. His second major speech drew even more controversy by stating that Mars was too young and immature to handle the incredible population boost on their own. He was the first person on Mars to bring up the subject of Earth's aid, creating the first known Pro-Earth groups.

As he began to see hostile Pro-Mars groups begin to rise, Greg began to ask the Alliance for armaments solely for protection. Since the Mars Nightmare, Greg has remained underground and out of the spotlight. He continues to aid Pro-Earth groups and has become the loose commander of them all. He is the official Mars contact for the AGH.

On January 8, 0002, Greg requested for the AGH to pick up the plans for a powerful space weapon to protect them from Pro-Mars groups.

Giovanni Cazo
Age: 56
Location: Italy
If anyone were to ask why Italy has yet to join the Alliance, they would say because of Giovanni Cazo. Giovanni has made it his own personal vendetta to keep his home country its own republic. Giovanni's influence in Italy has proved to be even more powerful than the presidents. He befriended the Red Colony for the sole purpose of protection from the Alliance.

His biggest political move was the allowance of Red Being to make a universal announcement in his country. Although it was still not completely cleared through the president, many Italians praise Cazo for his bold move.

Giovanni died in Rome during the take over of Italy. The building he was in exploded the moment after he assassinated the president of Italy.

Age: Unknown
Location: Unknown
Little is known about the current captain of the remnant space pirates. One interesting fact however is that he was not a pirate during the Space Pirate Raids. The reason for him organizing the pirates again and attacking Tribillion forces is unknown.


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