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Scarth Varo
Age: 37
Location: The Red Colony
For years Scarth has served as the ambassador of the Red Colony and Mars having the opportunity to travel back and forth between both locations. He is known to be one of the key figures to have kept the relationship between them so tightly wound. The only conflict that became out of his hands was the Mars civil war. During this time, Scarth spent most of his time on the planet mainly facing off politically with Gregory Barret. As he returned to the Red Colony for a meeting with the council, the Mars Nightmare occurred.

The day after, December 26, Scarth wasted no time in rallying up the Red Colony. The council allowed him to form a private armed group which he named, Red Being. Finding people who wanted to join was not difficult at all, making Red Being the fastest growing faction around.

On January 12, 0002, Scarth delivered a speech for the universe addressing the desire to stop any conflicts that involve the AGH or Star Blazers. At the end of the broadcast the station was destroyed without any confirmation of Scarth's death.

On Jaunuary 19, 0002, he was discovered alive in an underground facility in Italy and was sent back to the Red Colony.

Lydia Moud
Age: 28
Location: Flagship of The Flag
Lydia grew up on The Red Colony and had always been known for constantly portraying intense mood swings or maybe even two separate personalities. She approached Scarth Varo the day after he proclaimed the formation of Red Being on The Red Colony. Varo was convinced with her professionalism and politeness towards him that she'd make an excellent soldier to his cause. He was also one of the first to experience her sudden change in personality after ruthlessly beating two protesters in the Red Colony nearly to death.

Lydia was appointed by Varo himself as the commander of the newly form space fleet, The Flag. She addresses her enemies in a civil and polite manner, while harasses her crew members with foul language and insults at the same time.

On February 5, 0002, she led The Flag into battle to stop the construction of the super weapon Behemoth.


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