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B - Alliance of Global Humans: Important Figures  Empty B - Alliance of Global Humans: Important Figures

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Nolan Bryant
Age: 43
Location: Sphere 5
Nolan was born nine years after the Alliance was formed (2309 AD). His parents were quite known politically and when the time came for the US to make a decision on joining the Alliance, they helped rally the masses. Nolan began his career with the AGH at the age of 17 as a crew member of the land battleship, Iris. it was there that he became a serious subordinate and disciplined himself to follow any order he moment it was given. He became the longest serving member of the entire ship and his rank and position grew at a rapid pace.

In 2339 AD, Nolan got his first break by becoming captain. During an expedition through Mexico, Space Pirates invaded their area and outnumbered the ship tremendously. The Iris was destroyed and Nolan was taken to a fortress in space. Two years later the fortress was assaulted and lost with the attack lead by ace pilot-turned commander, Jan Van Geem. Nolan was welcomed back to Earth with open arms and the commander position to the AGH's HQ base, Sphere 5. His experience as a prisoner did not affect his serious demeanor.

Jan Van Geem
Age: 29
Location: Sphere 5
Jan became one of the first great ace pilots for the AGH, demonstrating incredible feats in a mobile suit. In the middle of the Space Pirate raids, Van Geem was promoted and assigned as commander of a special team. Up until that point he had never dealt with leadership, but his superiors had the utmost faith in him. His strategic attacks and fantastic battle forecasting were showcased in various battles during the raids. His most famous battle to this day has been the assault on the space fortress that held Nolan Bryant captive. At the age of 18 he lead his team to victory without a scratch, successfully pulling off a sneak attack.

After the raids Van Geem, received a call from Bryant asking to serve at Sphere 5. As soon as Van Geem arrived he was given command of the largest land battleship at the base, the Roosevelt. Bryant and Van Geem together make Sphere 5 an incredibly tough location to reckon with. He is also known for his light-hearted personality and somehow always manages to get a laugh out of any situation.

Anton Gerburt
Age: 42
Location: Deceased
Anton Gerburt was the AGH leading commander of space operations.

He joined the AGH about the same time as the better known Nolan Bryant. They studied at the same academy but both had different interests. He had always been interested in space operations and worked hard to gain assignments out there however, he didn't get permanently assigned to space until his last operation on Earth during the Space Pirate Raids. Anton led a defense team of fighter jets to protect the city of Odessa, which was a critical spot at the time, from incoming attacks. His rash and careless tactics at the time nearly resulted in the complete destruction of the city. If it weren't for his most skilled cadet at the time, Viktor Tarasov, the city would have been lost and his career over.

Anton was killed in battle after sacrificing his life and the life of his crew in a kamikaze attempt against a Red Being fleet flagship. A result of his always rash and impulsive actions.


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