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D - Tribillion Army: Important Figures

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D - Tribillion Army: Important Figures Empty D - Tribillion Army: Important Figures

Post  HippoAdmin on Fri 01 Jul 2011, 1:39 am

Conner Trybil
Age: 45
Location: Green Crater
The Tribillion Army began as a small band of hot shots looking for those in need of a hired gun. Although there was no clear leader (or even a clear name of the band at the time) one individual stood out from the rest and proved to be quite influential. Conner Trybil began to dream bigger for the small group of mercenaries. He helped the group expand in order to take on heavier jobs for more credits. In no time they all began to look towards Conner for leadership, who gladly welcomed it. In 2323 AD, he gathered all the mercenaries of this group together to discuss the pursuit of only really high paying jobs. In this small convention a lot of the attendees noticed a strong bond begin to form thanks to Conner and many felt like they all have unofficially formed a type of "army". At the end of the gathering Conner joking proclaimed that they should call themselves the "Tribillion Army", using a play on words from his last name and the size of the group.

Conner has remained on the Moon at Green Crater since it was established during the pirate raids.


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