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Gouf vs. Gundam Epyon Empty Gouf vs. Gundam Epyon

Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 08 Jun 2011, 12:30 am

Leslie fixed her helmet over her head and jumped up to the cockpit of the Epyon.

"Thanks a lot boys. I appreciate the help." Leslie said as she strapped herself in the seat and began to power up her Gundam.
"No problem ma'am, good luck out there," responded one of the technicians.

The newly repaired Epyon flew out of the repair bay only to be met by the Gouf standing atop of a stray astroid.

"Conrad, nice to see you...but so soon? We just only finished repairing." Leslie asked.
"Better to get it over with now, instead of just beating around the bush don't you think?" replied Conrad.
"Then allow me to make the first move!" Leslie whipped the Epyon's heat rod towards the asteroid, destroying it to pieces. The Gouf boosted upwards and countered by catching the Epyon's heat rod with its own. The two pilots sat in pain as the two rods temperatures rose by the second. Each one waited to see who would break off first before both suits gave in.

The Epyon boosted back and raised its shield as the Gouf fired a bazooka round.

"Sabers only?" Leslie requested.
"Whatever makes you feel better..your 'grace' " responded Conrad in a sarcastic tone.

Before the Gouf could put away its bazooka, the Epyon was struck in the back by a different round. Leslie switched her hind cameras on and saw the Tallgeese not too far behind her aiming its dober gun straight at her.

Makato fired another round hitting the Epyon once again.

"Makato, you won't be stealing my glory!" Conrad said as he fired two more bazooka rounds at the Epyon.
Leslie dodged one but was hit in the left shoulder by the other.
"Well if you two think I'm just gonna stand here taking this, you have another thing coming!"

The Epyon flew towards the Gouf with its beam sword in its right hand. The Gouf holstered its bazooka and swiftly took out its beam saber, just in time to deflect the Epyon's slash. The Tallgeese stood back as it continued to fire its dober gun at the two.

"Conrad, perhaps we should take care of this little pest first," suggested Leslie.
"Heh, I'd like to see you two try," Makato said to himself as he continued to aim at the Epyon.

The Gouf and Epyon turned to the direction of the Tallgeese. The Gouf's sensors suddenly went off as the Deathscythe's buster shield came darting towards it. Conrad flew up a second too late as the shield impacted its right leg. Conrad deployed the Gouf's bazooka again and fired two rounds to the Deathscythe.

Pancho surveyed the battlefield and switched on his comm, "Woo hoo hoo, daaamn I hope I'm not interrupting anything. Excuse me all but I'll just be finishing off Conrad and be happily on my way."

The Deathscythe's thrusters fired up and Pancho dashed to the Gouf, taking out the beam scythe while firing its vulcan guns. The Gouf threw its shield directly at the Deathscythe and followed after it with its bazooka. As the shield hit Pancho, Conrad fired two rounds at point blank range destroying the Deathscythe's head.

As the Epyon attempted to reach the Tallgeese it was hit by more rounds from the dober gun. Makato maneuvered the suit back every time the Epyon drew close.

"Hmph, you're no fun to fight! Take out your saber...ahhh!" Leslie was hit by two more shots and noticed her armor weakening. The Tallgeese reached for its saber from its shield and prepared for close combat.

"After you've softened me up huh?" Leslie added.
"That's the plan." replied Makato as he charged for the Epyon.

The Deathscythe blindly flew away from the Gouf and flew towards the Epyon as it was fighting the Tallgeese. Pancho unintentionally rammed his Gundam into the Epyon temporarily halting its fight. Conrad took this opportunity to get the upper hand of the entire battle and flew above the three other suits. Rounds descended from the Gouf's 75mm machine gun onto the others. Within the chaos the Tallgeese impaled the Epyon with its beam saber just missing the cockpit. Leslie escaped the battle desperately seeking repairs.

Conrad took out the Gouf's bazooka once last time and fired its last round onto the Deathscythe, finishing it off.

"Be seeing you Vaugner." Makato said as he attempted to flee.
"Makato...where do you think you're going," Conrad caught the Tallgeese by the arm with the Gouf's heat rod. As the Tallgeese was constrained it took more fire from the Gouf's left hand fingers.

"Damn dober gun" Makato zoomed his cameras to see the gun floating in the distance. The Gouf released the Tallgeese, only to follow up with a downward slash of its heat sword, severing the Tallgeese's right arm. Conrad watched as the Tallgeese floated out immobilized and began to make his way for some more repairs.

Gouf wins
Gundam Epyon - EXP: 4 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: free
Gundam Deathscythe - EXP: 3 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 300
Tallgeese - EXP: 5 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 350
Gouf - EXP: 7 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 200


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Gouf vs. Gundam Epyon Empty Re: Gouf vs. Gundam Epyon

Post  LeslieGee on Wed 08 Jun 2011, 12:50 am

If you cowards think this battle is the end of it, you've got another thing coming. Mad

Put on your big-boy shorts, because this is an all out war! Evil or Very Mad

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Gouf vs. Gundam Epyon Empty Re: Gouf vs. Gundam Epyon

Post  Conrad Vaugner on Wed 08 Jun 2011, 1:07 am

I knew the Red Being's couldn't be trusted. It is sad to see that we live in a universe filled with cowards. sigh...

I am sorry for the way things turned Miss Gustav. It's a shame we couldn't have a fair duel.
Conrad Vaugner
Conrad Vaugner

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Gouf vs. Gundam Epyon Empty Re: Gouf vs. Gundam Epyon

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