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Gundam Epyon Ambushes Gundam Astray Red Frame Empty Gundam Epyon Ambushes Gundam Astray Red Frame

Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 06 Jul 2011, 12:45 am

Neo lifted a mug to take a sip of his warm beverage when the cockpit of the Astray began to flicker red.
"Hmm.. a visitor," Neo said to himself as he finished his drink and casually turned on his cameras. Before he could make out an image, the Epyon swooped past the Astray from above.
"Oh...Miss Gustav just passed by." Neo said as he changed his focus to establishing communications with the Epyon.
"Leslie? Leslie can you hear me?" As he continued to try to get an answer the Epyon came flying back in sight, this time with its beam sword out. Neo at first sat in confusion as he watched the Epyon charging towards him and after realizing that Leslie was not about to stop the Astray took out a beam saber of its own.

The Astray swung its saber to the left, causing it to clash against the Epyon's beam sword.
"Leslie??" Neo asked once again.
"Haha, just checking how alert you are Neo." Leslie replied.
"Well thanks to you I'm pretty alert now." Neo responded.
"Haha, since we've already begun, we might as well finish this up right?" The Epyon flew back with its shield up, as the Astray swung its beam saber again. The Epyon countered with a forward thrust of its beam sword, that was dodged by the Astray. Neo grabbed the Epyon's right arm and pulled it towards it while firing its 75mm guns from its head. The Epyon's thrusters fired up as it flew backwards pulling the Astray along with it. Leslie swung her beam sword across the Astray's hand, cutting it off. Neo retreated a couple of feet and pulled out his beam rifle.

"Beam rifle huh? Trying to see my dodging skills?" Lesli joked as she began evading multiple rounds from the rifle. The two mobile suits continued to flew across the plain. The Astray flew backwards firing from the beam rifle as the Epyon continued to charge to it with its shield up and beam sword. A moment before Neo gave up on firing, the Epyon was struck in the chest and landed on the ground. Neo used this moment to get the upper hand and continued to lay down fire from the beam rifle. Leslie struggled to escape the bombardment of rifle rounds, but finally broke loose ramming its shield into the Astray.

Neo, now on the ground, lifted the Astray's shield, deflecting another swing of the Epyon's beam sword. As the shield was split in half, the Astray leaped up while taking out its katana. Neo slashed twice at the Epyon's right arm.
"Quite impressive armor there." Neo complimented.
"Glad you like it!" The Epyon blocked another slash with its shield and jumped back. Leslie left the shield up as another slash came towards her. As it struck the shield, Leslie dropped the shield, revealing a thrust through the Astray's chest.
"Get out of there Neo!" Leslie exclaimed. Neo opened the cockpit door of the Astray and leaped out of the disabled mobile suit.

Gundam Epyon wins
Gundam Astray Red Frame - EXP: 5 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 300
Gundam Epyon - EXP: 7 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 150


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