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Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 27 Apr 2011, 3:57 pm

Assault Ships
Owning an assault ship is almost like traveling with a mobile base. They are heavily fortified and some can carry up to 15 mobile suits. Assault ships can also carry fighter jets as well. They are sluggish in their movement so escaping a battle is not usually an option.

Pegasus Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel 580mm main gun x1
  • 2-Barrel mega particle gun x2
  • Anti-aircraft 2-barrel machine gun x8
  • 3-Tube missile launcher x8
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x 10
  • Fighter jet x3
Price: 8000 credits
The construction on the Pegasus first began as a heavy cruiser, but half way done the people in charge realized the size of the ship and the potential it had to become a real battleship. The Pegasus has great protection from any aerial attacks with it's anti-aircraft guns and even more if fighter jets are added.

Ra Cailum Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main gun x4
  • 2-Barrel secondary gun x22
  • Missile launcher x6
Optional armaments
  • Mobile Suit x6
  • Fighter jet x8
Price: 9000 credits
The Ra Cailum is known for the barrage its 22 secondary guns can create and more so for it's incredible fighter jet fleet it can carry. In fact, getting the max amount of fighter jets with this ship is really the only way to see its true potential.

Argama Class
Fixed armaments
  • Main gun x4
  • Mega particle gun x2
  • Hyper mega particle cannon x1
  • Missile launcher x2
Optional armaments
    Mobile suit x 12
Price: 9000 credits
Enemy forces usually begin to hesitate at the site of the Argama's hyper mega particle cannon. Although it may not be able to carry any fighter jets, the combine force of mobile suits and the outer armaments usually do the job.

Gwadan Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main gun x2
  • 2-Barrel secondary gun x10
  • Secondary gun x4
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x15
  • Fighter jet x 5
Price: 8400 credits
Although the Gwadan may not be too impressive when looking at its fixed armaments it is capable of carrying around a pretty nice attack squad. It is also known to last long because of the type of armor that the ship is made out of.


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