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Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 27 Apr 2011, 2:03 am

Owning a ship has great value. The process of obtaining one is as follows:

1. Send an email with the type of ship that you are going to purchase. Make sure you tell me the name of your ship as well. Remember this counts as one action for the day.

2. After sending the email, your ship will now be with you always unless docked..


Adding Optional Armaments
Almost all types of ship will allow you to add some additional defensive forces. To add optional forces visit the shop forum and purchase either mobile suits or fighter jets (for assault ships).

Optional armaments can be destroyed during battle.


Traveling With Your Ship
Since your first ship travels with you now, all travel times are cut by one day. That means any place that took 1 day to travel will be an instant travel. An instant travel will still count as your action for the day.

If you dock your ship at a base or colony, then your traveling days are back to normal.


Docking Your Ship
If your base or colony has the "ship dock" add-on then it is possible for you to leave your ship in the dock.

1. You must first travel to your base or colony.

2. Once you've arrived at the location send me an instant message saying you want to dock your ship.


Obtaining Multiple Ships
It is possible to own up to 3 ships. It is wise not to purchase more than one ship until you have obtained a ship dock somewhere.

1. Your first ship will automatically follow you wherever you travel.

2. If you purchase another ship you have two options
  • If you own a base or colony with a ship dock then it will automatically be sent to the dock after buying it.
  • If you don't have a dock anywhere then in your purchasing email you must tell me how many days from Earth (up to 5) you want it to be. This leaves your ship vulnerable to attacks.

3. If you purchase a third ship then your options are the same as #2.


Switching Ships
Once you own more than one ship you will have the option to switch your traveling ship with one of your others.

1. First you must travel to where the other ship is located, whether it be the dock of a base or somewhere in space.

2. Once you arrive at the location send me an instant message saying you wan to switch ships.

3. You will now be traveling with your new ship and the old one will be left in the location you switched at.


Your Ship During Battle
Depending on the situation your ship may or may not join the fight with you.

1. Your ship will not aid you if you are ambushed while traveling with it.

2. If someone stages an assault on your ship while your traveling with it, then it will fight along with you.

3. If you have decided to assault a base or colony or are doing a mission, then your ship will fight.


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