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Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 27 Apr 2011, 2:16 pm

Light Cruisers
Light cruisers are ships that are usually smaller in size compared to others. They are swifter and easier to move around, however they lack in their defenses. They are also more affordable. Optional armaments do not come with the ship.

Salamis Class
Fixed armaments
  • Mega particle cannon x6
  • 2-Barrel machine gun x2
  • 6-Tube missile launcher x6
  • Missile launcher x8
Optional armament
  • No room for optional armaments
Price: 3500 credits
The Salamis is probably one the most common light cruiser ship around. It's cheap price and speed has contributed to its popularity. Although there is no room for you to buy some extra armaments for it, it's still a good choice if you're itching to just buy a ship already.

Musai Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel mega particle gun x3
  • Large missile launcher x2
  • Small missile launcher x10
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x3
Price: 4000 credits
The Musai was one of the first light cruisers built to hold mobile suits. Although it might not have as many weapons as other cruisers like the salamis, purchasing a couple of mobile suits would definitely contribute to the protection of your ship.

Zanzibar Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-barrel main gun x1
  • Mega particle gun x4
  • 2-Barrel machine gun x5
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x5
Price: 4500 credits
The Zanzibar light cruiser is known for its ability to transport up to 5 mobile suits at once. If you are thinking of purchasing this ship it would be wise to purchase the mobile suits along with, seeing as most of the ships defense relies on it.

Reinforce Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main gun x4
  • 3-Barrel secondary gun x8
  • Missile launcher x4
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x2
Price: 5000 credits
When it comes to defending itself, the Reinforce can hold its own pretty well with it's fixed armaments. The fact that it can also carry two mobile suits makes it a popular choice for people looking for something fast and fortified.

Callisto Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main gun x2
  • Multi launcher x4
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x4
Price: 4000 credits
The Callisto's defenses rely almost entirely on their mobile suits. Purchasing this ship without the optional mobile suits can leave it very prone to destruction.


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