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Heavy Cruisers
Heavy cruisers are ships that pack a little more punch than light cruisers do. They can usually hold up to 6 to 10 mobile suits along with plenty of firepower.

Chivvay Class
Fixed armaments
  • 3-Barrel mega particle canon x2
  • 2-Barrel machine gun x18
  • Missile launcher x12
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x7
Price: 5500 credits
The Chivvay was one of the first ships known to start using mega particle canons. Because of it's spacious interior it is also commonly used as a mobile suit carrier. The Chivvay is probably one of the most popular heavy cruiser out in space.

Alexandria Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main gun x4
  • Main gun x2
  • 2-Barrel secondary gun x4
  • Secondary gun x4
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x10
Price: 7500 credits
The Alexandria has always been known for their mobile suit attack teams. Because they cannot fire any of their secondary guns while the main guns are firing (and vice versa), they cannot create a barrage of fire like other ships. It's for this reason that mobile suits should be bought to bring out the full potential of the Alexandria.

Amalthea Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main canon x4
  • Multi-purpose launcher x8
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x8
Price: 6900 credits
Although the Amalthea may look like it's lacking in it's fixed armaments, the 8 multi-purpose launchers would quickly change your mind. The ship is known to be the first to try these weapons out and now is known for tearing through anything that gets in it's way, not to mention that it can have up to 8 mobile suits backing it up as well.

Clop Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main cannon x4
  • 2-Barrel main cannon x4
  • Machine gun x24
  • Missile launcher x12
Optional armaments
  • Mobile suit x 5
Price: 6000 credits
The Clop is known for the deadly barrage of firepower that it can create. Many clops get by just fine without the possible 5 mobile suits it can carry, however purchasing these extra armaments never hurt anyone.


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