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Neue Ziel vs. Gundam Epyon

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Neue Ziel vs. Gundam Epyon Empty Neue Ziel vs. Gundam Epyon

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 11 Jul 2011, 10:45 pm

The Neue Ziel and Epyon approached an empty vicinity in the middle of Point 3.
"This will do," Leo said to Leslie.
"Yep, nothing around us to hit...well for you to hit haha." Leslie laughed.
"Yeah..I guess you're right." Leo replied, "Well, you ready?" he asked.
"Of course." Leslie confirmed while turning on the Epyon's beam sword.

The Neue Ziel boosted backwards and launched a barrage of micromissiles to Leslie. Leslie stood there stunned for a moment as she watched all the missiles come towards her.
"....Oh boy," She mumbled as she began to dodge. She swerved left only to receive an explosion in the right leg. Leo sat in his cockpit and watched Leslie struggle to get out. The Epyon managed to escape with surprisingly little damage.

Leo scoffed and commented, "Hmph, not too shabby there Leslie."
"Now come here you big chunk of metal!" Leslie exclaimed.

The Epyon slashed at the Neue Ziel, striking it in the left part of its body and then drove the beam sword through the same spot. The Neue Ziel spun in a full circle and backed away again this time launching missiles from its large missile launcher. Three missiles managed to reach the Epyon and explode on its chest. Leslie nearly flung off her cockpit seat as she tried to hold on from the impact. Leo then moved in and rammed his mobile armor straight into the Epyon. Leo then deployed the Neue Ziel's heavy claw arms and took out two beam sabers. Leslie shook her head as she recovered from the blow and immediately charged in with her beam sword.

The two clashed sabers together and both countered with another one. Leslie backed up and threw her heat rod, wrapping it around the Neue Ziel's left arm. She whipped her arm back and pulled Leo's claw arm off. The Epyon charged in once again but was stopped by fire from the Neue Ziel's mega particle guns. After managing to escape unscratched, the Epyon swung its heat sword across its body, cutting off the remaining claw arm. Leo countered with a quick thrust into the Epyon, crushing its shield.

"Damn, basically defenseless now," Leslie thought to herself as Leo fired from his mega particle guns again, disabling the Epyon's left arm. Leslie moved in for one more stab, aiming for Leo's main camera.

"No you don't!" Leo exclaimed he dropped altitude and boosted forward again, ramming into the Epyon's legs. The Neue Ziel then aimed its main gun at the Epyon and fired. The beam disintegrated the Epyon's legs before Leslie managed to escape anymore destruction.

"Geez Leo, you trying to kill me?" Leslie asked as she took a big exhale.
"I guess I kind of got carried away." Leo responded as he slowly approached the Epyon to help Leslie out.

Gundam Epyon - EXP: 5 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: free
Neue Ziel - EXP: 7 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: free


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