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Arche Gundam Ambushes Neue Ziel

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Arche Gundam Ambushes Neue Ziel Empty Arche Gundam Ambushes Neue Ziel

Post  HippoAdmin on Tue 19 Jul 2011, 9:01 pm

On the far side of the Moon, Leo used his space suit thrusters to boost him back up to the cockpit of the Neue Ziel. As he got in he closed the hatch and activated the mobile armor.

"Finally got the chance to get me some moon dust..." He said to himself as he bended over to place a sealed pouch under his cockpit seat. As he raised back up he saw a figure in the air headed straight for his location.

"An ambush...really??" he said, "Looks like this guy isn't stopping either!" Leo fiddled around with his controls, causing the Neue Ziel to deploy its claw arms and whip out one of its beam sabers, just in time to clash it against the Arche Gundam's buster sword.

"Phew...that was close," Leo said to himself.
"What business do you have on the Moon pilot?" asked Logan.
"Last I checked, the Moon didn't have an owner...just a couple of guys who decided to move right in." replied Leo.

Out of anger the Arche Gundam backed off and then moved in for another swing of its sword, this time slashing off the left claw arm of the Neue Ziel.
"Damn it give me some room!!" Leo exclaimed as he slammed on his controls, releasing multiple missiles from the mobile armor. Logan managed to dodge a couple but at the same time was struck multiple times in the torso. As the explosions concluded, Leo decided to rely on his mega particle guns to finish the job and fired them all at once. Logan launched the Arche Gundam in the air, avoiding any contact with the beams. As it came back down, the Arche Gundam fired down on the Neue Ziel with its GN rifle. The Neue Ziel's thrusters finally boosted the armor out of the rifle's range and Leo turned around to aim its mega cannon.

Before he could get enough time to fire, the Arche Gundam appeared in front of Leo's cameras and swung its leg in a kicking motion. Right before its foot beam sabers struck, Leo activated his I-field barrier, deflecting the blow.

"Damn...looks like its helpless for my fangs," Logan said to himself. The Neue Ziel fired its mega cannon, destroying the Arche Gundam's left leg and part of its arm. Leo took this chance to swing its beam saber but was parried by the Arche Gundam's sudden high guard. Logan drove his buster sword through the I-field barrier and into the Neue Ziel's main torso. The battle ended with Leo's disabled mobile armor falling to the ground.

Arche Gundam wins
Neue Ziel - EXP: 4 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 200
Arche Gundam - EXP: 7 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 300


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