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Neue Ziel Ambushes Gundam Epyon

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Neue Ziel Ambushes Gundam Epyon Empty Neue Ziel Ambushes Gundam Epyon

Post  HippoAdmin on Sun 29 May 2011, 9:14 pm

The Epyon stood idle in the sea of space known as Point 3 with it's cockpit open. Leslie Gustav sat at ease as her life had suddenly arrived at a moment of peace. She couldn't help but continuously glance at the crest that was given to her after becoming the leader of the small group Godspeed. A small smirk began to form as she glanced over at the field of colonies before her. "Why would anyone miss a chance to have this kind of view?" she quietly asked herself. "It's like al-

Beep beep beep

The Epyon's sensors suddenly began to flash red and Leslie swiftly sat back in her seat and shut her cockpit.

Leslie anxiously sat as her radar continued to sound continuing to ask herself, "Friend or foe...friend or foe!?" The radar stopped and a haunting silence engulfed the vicinity. Suddenly a massive beam ray came swooping towards Epyon at incredible velocity. Leslie stiffly pulled back her control sticks sending the Epyon above the beam, but not without sacrificing the left foot of the Epyon. As she gasped for a breath of air the Neue Ziel rushed by her stopped behind the Epyon. Leo Drace turned his comm link on.

"Your Highness" he sarcastically stated, "As the leader of Godspeed you will now be tested...prepare yourself!"

The Neue Ziel flew up and launched six micro missiles from its hip. The Epyon cleverly dodged each one and swung its heat rod towards the mobile armor, wrapping it around its main tube. As the two were briefly stalled, Leslie switched her comm link on.

"Who are you?" she questioned.
"Leo Drace, a true Star Blazer fighting for total free space!"

As Leo was responding the Neue Ziel deployed its heavy claw arms and charged towards the Epyon with two beam sabers. The Epyon swiftly shifted right and equipped its heat sword and swung back at the Neue Ziel striking its back. Leo counterattacked with a 360 turn and a swing of the saber to Epyon's left arm. As Leslie was making his next swing, Leo switched on his I-field barrier blocking any further attacks from beam weapons.

Leslie switched off the Epyon's beam sword, contemplating whether she should retreat or not. Before she could make a decision the Neue Ziel charged once again straight for her. She pondered on why Leo was so bent on ramming her even with all the beam weaponry the mobile armor contains. She used this to her advantage.

The Epyon extended its right arm and punched the Neue Ziel out of the way. It whipped its heat rod, tearing the Neue Ziel's right arm off. Leslie, now on the offensive, rushed towards Leo and grasped the left arm with both hands and ripped it clean off. The Epyon then descended below and tied the heat rod around the main tube.

Realizing the mistakes of his rash actions in battle, Leo charged the Neue Ziel's booster to try to break free and escape. Miniature explosions began to occur, but before any serious damage happened, Leo escaped.

Gundam Epyon wins
Neue Ziel - EXP: 4 / Repair: 2 days / Repair cost: free
Gundam Epyon - EXP: 6 / Repair: 1 day / Repair cost: free


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Neue Ziel Ambushes Gundam Epyon Empty Re: Neue Ziel Ambushes Gundam Epyon

Post  Drace-Neue Ziel on Sun 29 May 2011, 9:39 pm

Hmph, a good nerve will come in handy one day.
Drace-Neue Ziel
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Neue Ziel Ambushes Gundam Epyon Empty Re: Neue Ziel Ambushes Gundam Epyon

Post  LeslieGee on Mon 30 May 2011, 12:31 am

Next time you won't be so lucky. I will defend the honor of Godspeed against any and all foes. pirat

Time to repair my, Epyon!

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Neue Ziel Ambushes Gundam Epyon Empty Re: Neue Ziel Ambushes Gundam Epyon

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