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Escaping Earth

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Escaping Earth

Post  HippoAdmin on Thu 30 Jun 2011, 8:02 pm

"...and you are not to speak of this location to anyone, not even within Red Being. Understood?" a man with a heavily thick Italian accent said as he descended a flight of stairs with Red Being pilots, Ezio, Makato and Pancho.
"We understand perfectly." Makato replied. As they reached a bunker door, the ground above them began to shake and small clumps of rocks and dirts fell upon the four who were underground.
"It's starting to get rough up there" said the Italian, "we have to move quickly." He entered multiple coded to finally open the bunker door, revealing a dimly lit room filled with maps and radars and cluttered with what look to be important people.
"Come on, follow me," the Italian said as he began to maneuver around the cluttered maze of desks and people. The little airspace that existed was occupied by smoke exhaled from various cigarettes. They finally arrived to a rusted door which the Italian knocked three times on. The door flung open revealing a tiny room with a single desk, and two men; one which they assumed was another Italian and the other, Scarth Varo.

Scarth's face lit up as he saw a couple of familiar faces approach him.
"I see you three stuck around for awhile" Scarth commented with a smile. As soon as he extended his hand for a shake the ground shook furiously as if an explosion went off just above their heads. As he gained his footing Ezio shook Scarth's hand and said, "Sir, I'm so glad you're still with us...your speech was very inspiring."
"Good to see you Mr. Varo." Pancho added.
"The Italians and I suspected such hostility from those Pro-Earth groups in this country, and frankly it wouldn't have been any different up in Great Britain. We had this bunker constructed months in advance in anticipation of this event." Scarth said. "Gentlemen, this is Mr. Giovanni Cazo. He's the current secretary of the Italian president, and the one here in Italy who is trying to keep the president from listening to any radical Pro Earth politicians." All the pilots nodded to Mr. Cazo and remained at attention for their current orders.

"Nice to meet you all...Mr. Varo we need to get you out of here before it gets too hot." Giovanni said.
"You're right, alright boys whose cockpit will I be sitting in haha?" Scarth asked.
"Sir, my ship, the Olympus, will be taking us back into space and straight to the Red Colony. Until we reach it though you'll be in a small transport ship surrounded by our mobile suits." Ezio explained.
"Sounds great." responded Varo who then turned to Giovanni "Mr. Cazo, thank you so much for this opportunity I hope everything goes well in your country. Stay clear of the Alliance."
"Don't you worry Mr. Varo, we've got our reserves. Godspeed and always remember that Red Being has friends in Italy."


On the surface the Italian military had entered the area where the destroyed station laid in ruins after floods of Pro Earth guerrilla forces gathered and organized. The two forces battled out using MobCo produced Pawns and Knights. Not too far from the battlefield, the ground opened up allowing the Deathscythe, Exia, and Tallgeese to reach the surface while protecting Scarth's small vessel. The three massive mobile suits were not a hard target to spot as a team of Pawns began to make their way to the small Red Being team.
"Enemies!" Pancho announced as he turned the Deathscythe around destroyed one Pawn by swinging his beam scythe up while turning it on, slicing the suit in half. The Exia drove its long blade through the head of another Pawn and tossed its beam daggers at a third one causing it to fall flat on its back.
"Mr. Varo, please don't stray too far away. Just stick close behind us when we engage in combat." Makato ordered.
"Roger." Scarth replied.

As they got further and further away from the main battle grounds, more Pawns began to overwhelm the three mobile suits. The Tallgeese shielded itself and Scarth's vessel from incoming fire from various Pawn's machine guns and fired back with heavy rounds from its dober gun.
"Olympus! Fire up all engines and get all crew members at level three battle stations! Launch all mobile dolls!" Ezio screamed over the roars of the battle. The Olympus suddenly rose above a field of trees and began to turn slowly. Multiple Knight mobile dolls could be seen now flying towards the pilots and passed them engaging the multiple pawns that were pursuing them.
"We'll cover you Mr. Varo, head for the ship!" Pancho said as the Deathschythe held its ground and backed up the Knight's close combat with fire from its machine cannons. The Olympus' port opened and flashed its docking lights to guide Scarth into the ship.
"Mr. Bangladoosh, we've retrieved Red Leader, please follow us as we make our ascent to space. Remember to dock before we reach the atmosphere." a comm officer said after linking communications to the Exia.
"Roger. Alright guys lets cover the Olyumpus." Ezio announched.

The three mobile suits retreated to the sides of the Olympus and followed it as it began to fly away and upwards.
"Heads up, we have Knights" Makato said as he aimed at the incoming strike team with his dober gun while standing on the ships bow. The Tallgeese fired, staggering
a Knight that was finished off by a spinning slash of the Exia's GN sword. Two others were shot in the air by the dober gun, that were then slashed into pieces by the Deathscythe's beam saber. More Knights came flying towards them. The Exia and Deathscythe readied thier weapons.
"Freindlies!" Makato said before they attacked the Knights belonging to the Olympus who were retreated before the ship reached the atmosphere. A force that looked like it consisted of the full Pro-Earth resources followed the Knights.
"We can't fight them, we're gonna burn up...get in the ship, the Olympus can fend for itself." Ezio said as he was entering the Olympus. The two other mobile suits made their way into the port and just as the Olympus began to fire from its own mounted armaments various Pawns began to heat up and turn a bright red, as they were engulfed in flames. The three pilots watched as half of the suits also met the fate of meeting the atmosphere and the other half retreated back to the surface.


The bright docking lights coming from the Red Colony were hard to miss in the blackness of space. In the port were multiple indivuals dressed in suits and each one seemed to be holding a folder of some report. Before Scarth Varo even acknowledged the small welcoming party he turned around to the three pilots.
"You three have made a giant footprint in our history. You are living examples of our dreams and will be made heroes once this universe reaches stability." The three smiled with pride as they took in the praise from their leader.
"However...we've still got a lot of work to do if we're planning on shaping up the human race. We need outposts in various planets, new recruits, and more resources. But most importantly, we need to take care of this..." Scarth reached into his coat and handed them a white envelope. Makato opened it and pulled out a printed image of a crowded construction site in the middle of space.

Scarth Varo returned to Point 5
Gundam Exia - EXP: 15 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 350
Gundam Deathscythe - EXP: 14 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 350
Tallgeese - EXP: 14 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 350


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