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A Rendezvous on Earth

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A Rendezvous on Earth

Post  HippoAdmin on Fri 10 Jun 2011, 12:31 am

"Commander Nolan, a mobile suit has been spotted entering the atmosphere."

Nolan Bryant, the commanding officer of Sphere 5, made his way to the large window to see a bright red object in the distance descending upon the Earth.
"Any others?" Bryant asked.
"None so far sir." responded the subordinate.
"Heh..just like the TriArms. Always trying to show off...this time by just sending one suit." Bryant said to himself.
"Keep an eye on him. Make sure he heads to North America and doesn't try anything funny by coming this way."

Conrad sat calmly as he waited to pass through the atmosphere. The Gouf had deployed a protective blanket-like device to prevent it from burning up.

As the Gouf reached the surface, Conrad turned on his radar and began looking at his map for the rendezvous point. He began to make his way to the territory in North American that was once known as the state of Texas.


The Roosevelt, an Alps-class land battleship from Sphere 5, awaited the arrival of Tribillion Army representatives in Texas.
"Captain Van Geem, mobile suit detected." one of the crew members announced.
"A mobile suit? I was expecting more in the lines of a jet or carrier...I hope they aren't expecting some sort of fight." replied Van Geem.
"Only one suit confirmed sir." another member added.
"One way they could be expecting a fight, just playing it safe I suppose." Van Geem said as he made his way outside of the Roosevelt.

As the Gouf approached the battleship, Conrad lowered the output of its thrusters as he prepared to get off the suit. He removed his helmet and placed it on the side while opening the hatch of his cockpit. Van Geem stood at the feet of the Gouf with his hands clasped together behind him. He was accompanied by two armed soldiers behind him.

"Welcome to this god forsaken desert..hahah!" Van Geem shouted as Conrad still made his way down from his suit almost completely ignoring the captain.
"Conrad Vaugner of the Tribillion Army. I've been sent by a direct order from Green Crater. I'm to meet and retrieve the fund-"
"Yes, yes Conrad, very well. Now we can be all official like that OR we could loosen it is hot!" Van Geem interrupted as he rolled up his uniform sleeves. He extended his hand, offering to shake Conrad's however, he refused.

Conrad remained silent as he glanced over to the massive ship in the back drop. Van Geem stared at him, then turned to look at the Roosevelt, and finally returned his attention back to Conrad.
"Monstrous right? You all have any of those up there on the moon yet?" He asked already expecting no response.

Van Geem cleared his throat loudly as he extended his arm backwards. The soldier on the right walked up to him and placed a tablet in his hand. Van Geem offered it over to Conrad. As Conrad reached for it, Van Geem swiftly jerked his hand away causing Conrad to give him a stern look.

"Haha, don't lose this now..tell your commanders that in this tablet they'll find the codes that they need to input in order to retrieve our funds." Van Geem said as he gave it to Conrad.
"You know this is not even close to the amount that you all owe us.." responded Conrad.
"But it's something right?" asked Van Geem.
"Just remember that while you all are purchasing massive ships like that one, we are waiting on the moon for our credits."
"Very wise advice Mr. Vaugner," Van Geem sarcastically said as the two parted ways.

As Conrad made his way up to the Gouf, the Roosevelt began to fire up its thrusters. Van Geem stood outside the ship until the Gouf took off.


When Conrad finally made it out of Texas he arrived at an old lake to take a break. Before he could unstrap himself from his seat, the Gouf's sensors went off.
"The Alliance...?" Conrad thought to himself as he prepared for battle. The Gouf equipped its bazooka and readied it.
A voice suddenly popped up on his comm line, "hey mister moonling!"

Three unidentified mobile suits came swooping down to the Gouf and began flying around it.
"A lonely moonling trapped in the gravity of Earth! Hahah"
"Where's your big green hole now??"

Conrad observed the suits through his cameras and saw a familiar emblem painted on one of the suits.
"No doubt about it...pirates" Conrad noticed the symbol from the group that terrorized Earth for so many years.
"Must be a group of remnants somewhere around here." He said to himself. The Gouf flew up and aimed the bazooka downward. The pirates scattered in different directions and Conrad quickly locked on to one of them firing two bazooka rounds. The rounds were a direct hit to the suits thrusters, immediately disabling it.

The other two suits charged in firing vulcan cannons from their suits' chests. The Gouf dodged most rounds while falling back to the ground. Conrad fired another bazooka round as one of the pirates continued a head on collision to him. The Gouf dropped his bazooka and ducked. Before the pirate flew completely over the Gouf, Conrad took out the heat sword and swung upward slashing the mobile suit in half. The suits explosion knocked the Gouf to the ground.

"You'll pay for that moonling!" The last pirate took out a long beam rifle and fired it. The Gouf was struck back down while it was trying to get back up after the beam struck it in the torso. On the ground the Gouf raised its left arm and fired from its finger cannons to provide some time to get back up. The pirate swayed from side to side and took out its beam saber.

" pirates use to be an intimidating force. Look at you now, one suit can take out three of you hahah!" Conrad mocked as he got the Gouf back up with its shield up. The pirate drove its saber through the shield. The Gouf twisted the shield stealing the saber and threw at the mobile suit. Distracted by the impacting shield the pirate didn't see the Gouf come after it with its heat sword. The Gouf impaled the sword through the cockpit of the suit and flew off as it exploded.

After the battle, Conrad opened the Gouf's cockpit and resumed his break from his travels.

Gouf successfully retrieved payment from AGH
Gouf - EXP: 14 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 250

Gouf received two stat points! Email me and tell me what stats you want to add them to.


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