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Post  HippoAdmin on Tue 31 May 2011, 1:49 pm

Cockpit systems allow pilots to get a temporary boost in their overall performance and certain stat points during battle. Although you can purchase more than one system you can only have one equipped at a time. Systems have a 50/50 chance of either turning the tide of a battle and helping you or placing you in a disadvantage. The stat bonuses that each system gives are only applied if activated during battle.

Cockpit systems will take 2 days to install in your mobile suit.

All systems have a cool down effect. After every two uses of the system, it will take 6 days to use again, and the second time only uses half of its effect. In order to use it, you must add it in the email.

Quantum Brainwave Control System (QBW-Control System)
The QBW system allows a unified mental control between the user and the mobile suit's computer. Pilots that have experimented with this system have said to be able to see every opponents moves before they happened. The system leaves little room for improvisation and risk taking during a fight, relying heavily on what they for see. Although some may think this as an absolute advantage, some visions have an alternative action that is not viewed.
Stats: MND +10 / INT +4 / NRV -6
Price: 18,500 Credits

Zoning & Emotional Range Omitted System (ZERO System)
The ZERO system is known commonly known as the "Berserk System". While activated, the ZERO system computes and transfers various statistics and estimated values to the pilots brain. Although most of it can be processed and applied by the mind, the rest only serves to temporary drive the pilot insane. The system may also project hallucinations.
Stats: INT +10 / NRV +7 / MND -10
Price: 18,500 Credits

Trans-Am System
This system beefs up your mobile suit both in performance and armor. A suit activated by the Trans-Am system could easily be spotted by the glowing red particles that it emits. The system increases the rate of mobility for the suit and enhances the material that the suit's armor is made out of.
Stats: ARM +10 / NRV +4 / Speed Boost / INT - 5 / MND - 5
Price: 18,500 Credits

Advanced Ultra-Targeting System (AUT)
Pilots use this system to notably increase their accuracy with their mobile suit's weapons. Because they remain focused on hitting their target it leaves little room for charging in or trying to predict their next move.
Stats: ACU +10 / NRV - 5 / MND - 7
Price: 18,500 Credits


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