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It had been two days since Italy made their first move on the Alliance. Since then the battle migrated to Rome, where the Alliance was planning on making their final stand in taking Italy once and for all. The Roosevelt led the attack in the city with Captain Van Geem marching his troops to the capital building.

At dawn of the third day, mobile suits from both sides did not wait to engage in battle once again.
"Battle stations!" ordered Van Geem. "I want every building knocked down! It's time Italy got a full reformation."

Dozens of Bishops soared through the air, passing the Roosevelt. Their chainrifles penetrated every structure in their path. The Italian forces retaliated with launching of an equal amount of Rooks. The third day of fighting was well underway.


An armored truck sped through the rubble filled streets of Rome toward the capital building. Giovanni Cazo sat, restlessly, in the passenger's seat. The driver slammed on the breaks and turned the wheel as an explosion was set off directly in front of his path. The truck swerved and rolled over, causing the driver to rip through his seat belt and out the windshield. Giovanni unstrapped himself in pain and placed his hand over his head, smearing blood over it from a gushing wound.

He rolled out of the vehicle after kicking the door open and looked up to see the tall building not too far off. After struggling to get up on his feet he continued on his path.


Many of the Italian mobile suits ignored the suits of the Alliance and headed straight for the Roosevelt.

"Order all mobile suits to come back!" shouted Van Geem.
"But sir, they just breeched the enemy's next front line! We have a good chance of making a strong advance." one of the crew members talked back.
"There's too many! We need back up, so get our suits back. That's an order!" Van Geem replied.

Suddenly a large beam burned through the mobile suits on the Roosvelt's left. The cameras showed the sight of the Odessa approaching with the Hyaku Shiki leading the ship's mobile suit force.

Van Geem's worried expression immediately transformed into a smirk. "There's our pilots. Haha!" He cheerfully said.

"Tarasov, we need you to reach the frontline we just breeched. We've got to reach the capital building." Van Geem told Viktor.
"Roger. The Chimera is approaching on your right. It'll pass the Odessa up and join the Hyaku Shiki and my mobile doll troops." responded Viktor
"The Chimera?" Van Geem wondered as he watched it come up on the cameras.

The F91 flew in front of the ship with two Bishops at its side, catching up to Phillip Strontheim.

"All right boys...follow the gold suit!" Phillip exclaimed as they flew up ahead.


"Stop! Go back and advance!" Phillip yelled to the retreating mobile suits.
"We were ordered to-"
"Yeah well now you have reinforcements, so turn around." interrupted Phillip.

The mobile dolls blasted up ahead and began to engage in combat with the Italian forces. The Hyaku Shiki backed them up with fire from its beam rifle. The six Knights of the Odessa were greatly outnumbered by the dozens of Rooks and Pawns. As the Chimera approached it launched all its missiles into the field.

"Focus your fire when they bunch up." Walter ordered to the ship as he flew up to accompany Phillip.

Three pawns slashed through a Knight, creating a path straight to the Hyaku Shiki. Phillip dropped his rifle and took out both his beam sabers. The Pawns scattered as the Hyaku Shki swung and came back to ram it to the ground. The three Pawns raised their sabers and thrusted them downward to the Hyaku Shiki. The sabers were all deflected by the beam shield of the F91, which had sped its way to aid the Hyaku Shiki. Walter opened his chest and fired his mega machine cannons through the Pawns.

"You alright?" Walter asked.
"Ugh...yeah, but Viktor's Knights aren't holding up. We need the Roosevelt and Odessa up here already." Phillip added.

Just then a fleet of ships cut through the clouds and smoke and hovered above the battlefield. Phillip squinted to try and make out the flags that the ships were carrying.

"B...Brit-" Before he could finish what he was saying, bombs were dropped from the ships. The F91 grabbed the Hyaku Shiki by the arms and shot up from the ground to avoid the bombs impact.

As the Roosevelt and Odessa slowly approached the blasts ripped through their course causing the two ships to swerve out of control.

"Alliance scum!!" The ships launched multiple mobile suits that began to descend upon the Alliance force. From the bow of the Odessa, the Guncannon fired his cannons like artillery on the mobile suits, shooting down three in the process. The three ships present fired everything they had onto the reinforcements.

The F91 jumped in the air and slashed one suit with its saber. It spun around and shoved its second saber through another suit's chest. While still flying upward it fired multiple rounds from its VSBR, gunning down three more of the suits. Finally, Walter reached on the ships and swung out his beam launcher, taking it out with one shot.

"Viktor, cover me." Phillip said as he attempted to type on the Hyaku Shiki's computer. The Guncannon jumped in the air and gunned down two mobile suits that were heading straight for Phillip.

"Fire while you advance!" ordered Van Geem. "Those ones up there are not Italian...the damn British decided to butt in."

Phillip looked at his screen to see the letters QBWCS pop up. The Hyaku Shiki's thrusters fired up, causing it to launch in the air. It dodged the incoming fire of the ships as it fly up to them. Phillip took out his beam rifle and fired incoming missiles, causing them to explode in the middle of their path. He took out his beam sabers and slashed at two of the ship's bridges. He said atop of an exploding ship, aimed his beam rifle and fired, exploding a third bridge.


The doors of the president's room swung up. A chair in front of a large desk spun around, revealing the president of Italy with two guards by his side.

"Giovanni..? What the hell happened to you?" the President asked.
"I've been trying to reach you sir." Giovanni said while trying to catch his breath. "What the hell happened??" he asked.
The President sighed and looked out the large window. "Times are about to change for our Italy I'm afraid." he uttered.

"Did you order the attack in the Apennine mountains?!" asked Giovanni. The president remained silent.
"Mr. President...why did you attack?? What good outcome did you envision from this?? Do you know-" The president slammed his desk and stood up.

"You're forgetting your place Giovanni!" he exclaimed. "Do you remember who is the leader of this country? Hmm?" the president added. "I'm tired of you running around Italy pretending like you're the one in charge. I decided it's time to make my own decisions, it's time to get the Alliance out of our country!"

Giovanni sighed and looked down. "...and how do you think it's turned out so far...Mr. President. I see you called Britain...who are already getting crushed out there." The president shook his head and sat back down in his seat.
"Mr. President, all I wanted was to live in a free republic. How we've always lived." added Giovanni, now with a much calmer tone.

The two stared out the window where nothing but chaos could be seen. After a brief moment of silence the president finally uttered, "Maybe it won't be so under the Alliance." Giovanni's facial expression dropped as he turned to face the president.

" you mean..?" Giovanni slowly asked.
"Look Giovanni, the Alliance came to me...told me it was better and safer for our country...but that we couldn't just hand it over, we had to make it look legitimate for the rest of the world." the president said while quivering.
"Please...please don't tell me this is all stagged...this destruction, this take over, all planned with the approval of you...YOU!" Giovanni shook with anger.
"Look we're in the picture now...once the "battle" is over, they'll reach this building and pick us up. We'll be a part of the Alliance and safe and sound." the president added.

Giovanni shoved his elbow into one of the guards' nose and swiped his handgun. He shot the other in the head while he was attempting to take out his handgun and pointed the gun to the president's head.
" let's not get carried awa-" Giovanni fired three point blanks shots into the president's head. A second later a blast completely destroyed the building.


Viktor Tarasov stood in front of the demolished building as he awaited orders.

"Tarasov? Tarasov did you destroy the building?" asked Van Geem over the intercom.
"Yes sir..was the President inside?" asked Tarasov.
"No, no, don't worry about that. The President was killed in yesterday's battle." Van Geem responded. "Pack 'em up boys, we got to rest up and then there's a country that needs to be reformed."

AGH takes over Italy.
2 AP recieved.
1 sat point recieved.
Guncannon - EXP: 13 / Repairs: 3 days / Repair cost: free
Hyaku Shiki - EXP: 13 / Repairs: 3 days / Repair cost: free
Gundam F91 - EXP: 13 / Repairs: 3 days / Repair cost: free


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