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Birth of a Beast

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Birth of a Beast

Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 20 Jul 2011, 3:27 pm

Walter Bifrost sat on a couch in a lounge room located inside a command station of Sterling Mechanics. He placed his mug on the table and stood up to approach the large glass window. The view consisted of endless activity of engineers and mechanics, each with their own task. In the distance, he was able to make out two mobile suits approaching the station.

The door of the lounge opened, allowing two men to enter the room.
"Bifrost." said one of the men.
"Yes, welcome back Captain Gerburt." responded Walter.
"This is Director Marco Flynn. He is the head engineer straight from SM HQ." said Gerburt.

The two nodded and shook each other's hands.
"Come walk with us to the hangar so that we can pick up the other two." Gerburt said as they all walked out the door. As the three floated down the narrow hallway of the station, Marco turned to Walter and said, "So Mr. Bifrost, when we pick up the other two I'll be giving you all your tour around the construction site."
"Sounds good. Um, so has their been any trouble since construction started yet?" asked Walter.
"Surprisingly, no. We know that Captain Gerburt and his troops are more than capable to protect us out here, but having you three join us for this short while has definitely put me at ease." responded Marco.

The door to the hangar slid open and the three walked through it just as Phillip and Viktor exited their suits.
"How bout that trip, huh Vik?" Phillip asked with a chuckle.
"Yeah...pretty long," Viktor said with a sigh. He looked at the catwalk and noticed a familiar face, "Anton Gerburt..." he quietly said to himself.
"Walter right?" Phillip asked as they approached the others.
"That's right, Walter Bifrost. Nice to finally meet you two." replied Walter.
Viktor and Anton exchanged a stern glare until Anton finally broke the ice by saying, "Well, Viktor...piloting the Guncannon now I see."
"Fighters are way behind me now." Viktor coldly said.
"Hmph, ever since Ode-"
"Not now." interrupted Viktor. After a short moment of silence and confusion among the group, Phillip moved ahead and said, "Well then, how about that constructions site!"

As the group made their way to a transport ship, an Alliance soldier flew into the hangar in a frenzy.
"Captain! It''s The Flag!" the soldier shouted.
"The Flag?" questioned Walter.
"Red Being's main space fleet...our intelligence have spotted it numerous of times roaming around in space." answered Anton, who placed his helmet over his head. "Prepare for battle! There's not going to be any tour today, get in your mobile suits. Director, please try to get as many engineers and mechanics as you can out of the way!" The three pilots jumped to the cockpits of their suits and began to turn them on. Just then a general announcement invaded all the comm links in the area.


A female voice was heard over the radio and began to speak, "Attention Alliance members. Scarth Varo has declared the construction of the space super weapon Behemoth to be an unnecessary act of meaningless conflict. Stop construction now and begin dismantling or we will." At the head of the fleet was the Tallgeese, Deathscythe, and Exia surrounding their flagship. Lydia Moud, the commander of The Flag sat in her seat and switched off her communications.

"I'll give them 30 seconds, then I'm blowing these morons to hell." She announced. The three mobile suits began to fly ahead of the fleet with each of them starting to take out their weapons.


As the Guncannon, Hyaku Shiki, and F91 flew through the construction site, they could see all the workers trying their best to finish whatever they were doing as fast as they could. The three flew in a triangle formation heading towards the Red Being fleet. Anton followed just behind them with two heavy cruisers. Just as the Red Being mobile suits became visible, the Tallgeese fired rounds from its dober gun.

"Heads up!" Phillip yelled, who was at the head of the formation. The three suits scattered to dodge the fire and immediately resumed their pursuit.
"I'll provide support," Viktor said as the Guncannon halted and he began to take aim with his cannons. The Deathscythe swung its beam scythe over its head and clashed it against the Hyaku Shiki's beam saber. Phillip fired his vulcan guns to try and back the Deathscythe off.
"Yeah!? Take this!" Pancho exclaimed as his machine cannons from his chest opened up and fired back at the Hyaku Shiki followed by another swing of its scythe. Phillip dodged the slash and looked over at the F91 who currently was taking on the other two suits.

Walter parried the Tallgeese's saber and fired from its VSBRs. The Tallgeese tried to block as much as he could but began to get overwhelmed. The Exia sneaked up behind the F91 and slashed it in the back with its GN Sword.
"Hang in there Walter.." Viktor said as he fired from his cannons landing a direct hit on the Exia, who was about to make his next move. The Guncannon then moved in while firing its beam rifle.


Anton moved up ahead of the mobile suit battle with his two cruisers, only to be greeted by the sight of 5 massive battleships.
"All main guns...FIRE!" exclaimed Anton as the two ships began exchanging fire with the ships of The Flag.
"Evasive maneuvers! Keep that pressure on them, and DO NOT let them close to Behemoth." he added. Two of the Red Being ships suffered critical hits and exploded in the middle of the fleet's formation.

"Damn it! Fire through these two ships and head straight for the construction site!" ordered Lydia. All the ship's thrusters fired up and sped up to the site while the two forces continued to fire upon each other.
"They're gonna hit us sir!" a bridge member said to Anton.
Anton sat for a brief moment and realized the little options he had, "Ram into the flagship! It's our only chance to save Behemoth."
The crew stood there quietly in a daze as they carried out their officer's order.

As the ship quickly approached the flagship, one of the other ships in the Red Being fleet flew up in front of it, taking the hit from the Alliance. The two ships exploded after colliding. The remaining Alliance ship retreated back to the site where the Odessa remained.


In the heat of battle, Phillip quickly typed something in his suits computer causing the letters QBWCS to pop up on his screen and he began to see the battlefield in which he felt like was slow motion. He turned to the Deathscythe who was just firing its buster shield at him and slashed it out of the way. He boosted towards him and dodged a downward slash of its scythe, countering with a horizontal slash to its chest. He then flew up behind him and drove his beam saber through the torso. As he finished off the Deathscythe, he saw Red Being's fleet move past the mobile suits.

"Viktor, Walter, you two go back to the Odessa. I'll keep these guys occupied." Phillip said as he interrupted the Tallgeese's slash by a shot from his beam rifle. The Exia began to follow the F91 but was also shot by Phillip. Phillip took out both of his beam sabers and charged in on the two mobile suits. He swiftly dodged two fires from the dober gun and slashed the gun in half. The Exia attempted to land a forward thrust with its long blade but was parried and stabbed in the chest by the Hyaku Shiki. Phillip slashed the Exia's hand off and parried another slash from the Tallgeese's saber.

"What the hell is with this guy?? It's like he knows what we're gonna do." commented Makato.
"He won't see this coming." Exia threw its beam daggers to the Hyaku Shiki, but exploded half way by one swipe of the Phillip's saber.


By the time the Guncannon and F91 reached the Odessa it had already launched its G-Amors and Knights who had begun striking the enemy ships and fending off the Olympus's own Knights. The two mobile suits landed on the bow of the Odessa and supported it with their own firepower, the Guncannon using its shoulder cannons and the F91 with its VSBRs.

"Damn it! Will you all take care of this!" Lydia exclaimed to the Red Being pilots.
"We're trying ma'am!" responded Makato, who was still trying to fend off the Hyaku Shiki.
"Screw it, all guns focus your fire on the construction sight." Lydia ordered.
"'am we're already getting overwhelmed." a crew member complained.
"You idiot, our mission is to stop construction, not to protect you from getting hit. Now fire! Kill the civilian workers as well, they are contributors."

The weapons of the flagship and Exia's Olympus focused their attention to the skeleton of Behemoth. The Odessa shifted its position to act as a shield for the site and continued to lay down fire. The Red Being flagship managed to land a beam from there main gun straight into the site's station, destroying Director Flynn and every other engineer and mechanic in there. A heavily damaged Tallgeese and Exia, who managed to escape the wrath of the Hyaku Shiki's Quantam Brainwave system, approached the flagship for support.

"Commander we must retreat!" Makato exclaimed.
"Are you giving a superior officer an order?" questioned Lydia.
"Not at all ma'am. But we have succeeded, the station has been destroyed and it will take them a good while to resume construction." replied Makato.
"Commander...and we are running low on power." a crew member added.

The Hyaku Shiki came flying by and slashed the Tallgeese's head clean off. The Guncannon and F91 launched off from the bow of the Odessa to help their fellow pilot.

"Arrrrgh! God damn it...alright prepare for our retreat." Lydia ordered as she cleared her throat and turned on the open comm system to speak to the Alliance members again.

"Alliance of Global Humans, this was but a warning to you all. We have bought you some time in rethinking the construction of this monstrous weapon. Next time we will destroy everything." After shutting it down she scoffed and said, "Let's get the hell out of here."

The Guncannon and F91 stopped in their tracks as they began to see the Red Being fleet take off. The Hyaku Shiki's system shut down and Phillip turned to his companions.
"We gonna follow them?" Phillip asked.
"Both sides are pretty battle weary." Walter replied.
"We'll get them next time. Right now I think we need to help on relocating Behemoth. I'll contact HQ." Viktor said as they gazed over the battered construction site where the skeleton of Behemoth lay in tact.

Red Being successfully temporarily stopped construction of Behemoth.
AGH protected the beginning stages of Behemoth.
AP received! - Every pilot gets 2 AP points added
Credits received! - Every pilot gets 4,000 credits
Gundam Deathscythe - EXP: 8 / Repairs: 3 days / Repair cost: 400
Tallgeese - EXP: 11 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 300
Gundam Exia - EXP: 10 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 350
Guncannon - EXP: 12 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 150
Gundam Formula 91 - EXP: 12 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 150
Hyaku Shiki - EXP: 13 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: 100


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