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Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 25 Apr 2011, 10:45 pm

In the year 2350 AD, the final space colony was completed and eager inhabits began to settle. It was at this time that humankind began to see themselves in a completely new age. The walls of Earth had been breached long before and space was filled with man-made ships, resource satellites, and the majestic colonies. Technology advanced at incredible speeds and even before colonies the other planets were being settled on. At the beginning of the following year the calender was changed to a time line that would be more suitable to this new era: the Space Era.

SE 0001 is known to be one of the most memorable years ever in history. However behind all it's glory and wonders was a tense struggle with no solution at sight, with the main issue being: who controls what?

Before the Earth could settle their own internal conflicts they were already pushing for their domination of space. After seeing the rapid construction of space colonies, a loose "global" government was formed in 2300 AD called the Alliance of Global Humans (AGH). Their goal was to "moderate" the new colonies and to help keep their ties with Earth good. Although many countries jumped on board including the US, few still to this day refuse to join them like Great Britain and Italy; seeing the organization as a bully police that will "never let the colonists forget where they come from." Rogue nations of Earth continue to launch small "cold wars" against the AGH and see it only a matter of time before they form into a dictatorship. At the beginning of 0001 SE, the AGH launched a silent campaign to try and get an inside group into every colony.

The Colonies
After the construction of the third colony, Earth signed the New Settlement Agreement stating not to interfere with any colony unless asked otherwise. This pleased the colonists; as they really didn't even want anything to do with each other. It wasn't until the formation of the Alliance of Global Humans that small bits of tension began to arise and people even began to see it as a possible violation of the agreement. After a brief meeting of colony leaders in 2348 AD, the Star Blazer faction was formed and armaments began to be secretly stored in case of any conflict with the Earth. Even though the formation was not officially announced, many colonies joined them for protection and almost all agreed to disband and become their own group again once tension is lowered. At the beginning of 0001 SE, the Star Blazers continued to talk friendly with the Earth while training their own reserve army.

The Red Colony
The fifth colony has been known as the "Red Colony" since it become inhabited. 97% of the inhabits were forced to move in due to unbearable population growth on Mars. Due to their strong ties to the red planet they did not care to get into a quarrel with the Earth and in fact welcomed their help. The red colony did not associate themselves or even acknowledge the Star Blazers. The other colonies feared that if any war to break out the red colony would allow the Earth to use them as an outpost. At the beginning of 0001 SE, the red colony had no affiliation with anyone and simply watched as tensions grew in space.

The Moon
The moon is currently occupied by a massive armada known as the Tribillion Army. The TriArms moved in as a mercenary group during the Space Pirate Raids of 2336 AD. The Alliance of Global Humans hired them as their own army began to show fatigue while protecting the Earth from these invasions. In 2346 AD, the raids were finally stopped and the TriArms grew tremendously. They were paid only a fraction of what the AGH had agreed upon and were told that the rest would come after they leave the moon. The TriArms called the AGH's bluff and decided to claim the moon for themselves until paid in full. At the beginning of 0001 SE, the TriArms still awaited their payment and began small scale attempts to terrorize the Earth. Many Earth inhabitants feared the group and even said the name of their base "Green Crater" to be a bad omen. The Green Crater is the largest known base in the universe at the moment.

The Mars Nightmare
Mars became the second most populated place in the universe. Most of the inhabitants settled underground but a good handful were on the surface. The interests of Mars had always been great since the first settlements as well as the tensions. At the beginning of 0001 SE, AGH began talks with Mars to try and form a loose alliance so that the two planets could "over see and protect" the rest of space. The Mars leadership was split with some seeing the AGH as having good intentions and others viewing it as a spread of the their dominion. A handful of the leaders signed a secret agreement with Earth, allowing them to begin shipping and storing armaments on the planet. When the others found out, an immediate panic and outburst struck. The Pro-Earth group continued to justify their agreement and the Pro-Mars group made the news public turning the planet into a stage for civil war. Small battles began to occur in October and the AGH happily provided the Pro-Earth group with weapons. The Star Blazers saw this as a possible evil plot of the AGH to take over Mars and decided to help out the Pro-Mars group. The colonies developed a bomb of unimaginable strength and shipped it to Mars. On Christmas Eve the bomb went off and wiped out 75% of the planet.

The year now is 0002 SE.

The aftermath of the Mars Nightmare angered and confused many. The Red Colony did not get involved because they figured Mars is strong enough to take care of any internal conflict by themselves. After finding out that it was the AGH that started it and the Blazers that put it to a haunting end, the colonists were furious. A group has formed calling themselves "Red Being" and declaring to end any conflict between AGH and SB anywhere in the universe from now on. The tension between the AGH and SB has grown bigger than ever before now knowing what each side did at the Mars Nightmare. However, the number of deserters from each side has grown due to the horrors of the event and members are even beginning to fight others from the same side. The TriArms see the Earth in a vulnerable state and prepare for a possible invasion.

The universe seems to be at a borderline state of chaos. Every faction is having trouble keeping watch on their potential enemies and their own members. Mars, once a booming settlement, has become a wasteland. Even those who label themselves as "rogues" can't travel without ending up in some sort of battle. There's only one thing that each one of these groups have in common, and that's the reliance on their pilots and their mobile suits to get the job done for them.


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