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Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 25 Apr 2011, 10:28 pm

If you've read up enough and got the basic concept of the game, then you are probably ready to join. Do not register on the forums until you see your profile has gone up. Send an email to with the following information:

Character Name - Your name must have a first and last name and cannot be any full name of a character from any of the animated Gundam series. It can be partial, IE. Amuro Johnson.
Mobile Suit/Mobile Armor - Visit the Gundam section of Mecha and Anime HQ to choose either a Mobile Suit or a Mobile Armor.
Faction - Which group will you side with?
Stat Points - You start with 15 stat points to distribute. Tell me how many you want for each stat.
Email - What email will you be using for this game (it will be kept private)
Profile - Write a profile of your character describing it's personality. This will help battle writers display your character more accurately.

Once your membership email has been received and everything is correctly filled out your character profile will be created in the Characters Forum. Do not register on the forums until you see your profile has gone up. If there is something wrong with your membership email I will notify you to fix something, if it happens a second time no notification will be issued.


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