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Gundam X - Derrick Sanders Empty Gundam X - Derrick Sanders

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Gundam X
Fixed armaments:
  • Satellite cannon (mounted on backpack)
  • Large beam sword (in backpack)
  • Vulcan gun x4 (in chest)
  • Shield buster rifle
Pilot: Derrick Sanders
Faction: Star Blazers
Stat Points:
  • NRV - 4
  • INT - 4
  • MND - 3 (+2)
  • ARM - 4
  • ACU - 3
AP: 0 (6)
  • Sure Shot (equipped)
  • Back Up (equipped)
  • Phobos Headband (MND +2 / equipped)
Derrick Sanders, once a young mercernary of the Tribillion Army, had become disillusioned with their rather extreme methods, and eventually defected to the Star Blazers, taking with him a Mobile Suit which utilizes a powerful "satellite cannon", a weapon capable of leveling entire cities. Not wanting the Tribillion Army to have such a powerful weapon at their disposal, he stole the Mobile Suit and fled for Star Blazers territory. Many were initially distrustful of him due to his background as a former TriArm merc, but time and time again,he has proven himself both a valuable asset and powerful ally to the Star Blazers. He has a strong sense of justice, and abhors sacrificing civilians, no matter what the reason may be. His appearance is somewhat unique amongst his fellow pilots, considering his hair is NATURALLY white, though his appearance shows no other signs that could be attributed to albinoism. Some believe this is due to genetic testing, but Sanders refuses to divulge any information on the matter. His white hair, along with his proud nature and ferocity in battle has earned him the moniker "The White Lion of the Stars". His mark is a white lion's silhouette framed by a laurel wreath, which is proudly displayed on the upper body of his MS.


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