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Hyaku Shiki vs. Guncannon

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Hyaku Shiki vs. Guncannon Empty Hyaku Shiki vs. Guncannon

Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 01 Jun 2011, 11:33 pm

Phillip Strontheim shut his cockpit and strapped in his seat.

"Hyaku Shiki, all systems go." Phillip switched his comm link on. "Tarasov, how's it going? All systems check?"
"Hmm, pretty much." Viktor responded while strapping himself in.

Both suits' cameras went on and the two began to check and ready their weapons.

"All right, this should be good.." Phillip commented.
"Not yet." Viktor said as he picked up a pole from the ground with the Guncannon. He lodged it into the ground and the flag of the Alliance of Global Humans could be seen dancing in the wind. "Now we're all set."

The Hyaku Shiki flew to its right while firing rounds from his vulcan guns. The Guncannon was staggered as most of the rounds hit it. Viktor boosted up his thrusters but was then shot in the hip by the Hyaku Shiki's beam rifle.

"Damn it!" exclaimed Viktor as he finally got the time to boost up and leap in the air with the Guncannon. Phillip stood still and aimed as he waited for the Guncannon to land again. The two fired their beam rifles, with only Viktor's shot landing. The Hyaku Shiki jumped back and the Guncannon landed on the ground again.

"Nothing like fighting in a pool of gravity huh??" said Phillip.
"Haha, why fight anywhere else? Now...let me show you something you could only learn by fighting off space pirates!" responded Viktor as he charged towards Phillip.

The Hyaku Shiki dropped its beam rifle and took out its beam saber. Before Phillip could make a move the Guncannon was right in front of him and got a hold of the Hyaku Shiki's hand.

"Nice!" Phillip complemented as he struggled to figure out what to do now. The two fired their vulcan guns at point blank damaging each other's cameras. The Hyaku Shiki dropped to its knees and tried to reach for its beam rifle. The Guncannon pointed its cannons downward and fired upon the Hyaku Shiki. Phillip fell to the ground completely now and the Guncannon took a hop back.

The Hyaku Shiki rolled on the ground as the Guncannon fired another round of cannon fire. Viktor aimed his beam rifle and fired, hitting Phillip on the ground. As the Hyaku Shiki's thrusters began to give in, the Guncannon fired one final round with its cannons.

"All right, all made your point!" Phillip exclaimed in a frenzy. The Guncannon flew towards the Hyaku Shiki and extended its hand to it.

"You're paying for the damages you did to my camera...haha," Viktor said as he helped the Hyaku Shiki up.

Guncannon wins
Hyaku Shiki - EXP: 6 / Repair: 2 days / Repair cost: free
Guncannon - EXP: 7 / Repair: 1 day / Repair cost: free


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