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Guncannon - Viktor Tarasov Empty Guncannon - Viktor Tarasov

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Fixed armaments:
  • 60mm vulcan gun x2 (in head)
  • 240mm cannon x2 (over shoulders)
  • Beam rifle
Extra armaments:
  • Spray missile launcher x2 (takes place of 240mm cannons)
Pilot: Viktor Tarasov
Faction: Alliance of Global Humans
Stat Points:
  • NRV - 4
  • INT - 5
  • MND - 1
  • ARM - 5
  • ACU - 4
AP: 3 (6)
  • Full Burst (equipped)
  • Leather Satchel (Reduces repair cost ≤ 50 credits / equipped)
Viktor Tarasov, a 32-year-old veteran of the Space Pirate Conflict, has been fighting to defend Earth ever since he enlisted twelve years before the start of the Space Era. He started his career as a Fighter Pilot, flying a G-Armor, and developed a reputation for having a risky, yet effective fighting style. After the end of the long and bitter fight with the Space Pirates, which brought the death of many of his friends and comrades, Viktor became a Mobile Suit Pilot and gained the rank of Captain. In the chaos of the Space Era, he now fights autonomously to defend Earth and Pro-Earth groups from the "rebels and terrorists of Space".

The witness of many acts of violence and terrorism aimed at the people of Earth and the AGH, Viktor holds no fondness in his heart for the Star Blazers, Red Being, or the Tribillion Army. To him, they are groups that bring instability to humanity for either naive or malicious reasons. His wife Anna, and his four-year-old son live back home in Odessa. Viktor keeps photos of them with him in his cockpit as a constant reminder of why he still continues to fight.


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