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Post  HippoAdmin on Tue 31 May 2011, 12:30 pm

Quests are interactive role-playing events. This means that instead of me writing out the entire story of the quest, members will take turn posting their own actions and building up the story of the quest together.

All quests will have a limitation of how many can partake in it and also every quest will have a number of posts that each participant can do.

Each quest will have an order of posts that the members must abide by. Each member must wait for the other participants to make their moves before he/she can make their next one. After everyone has done a move I will step in and add another scenario according to what has happened so far, and then the members will go another round of moves in the same order. Here is an example of how a quest can turn out.

3 participants
3 posts each

Hippo: Little johnny needs help getting across Point 2 to a neutral colony. He has hired escorts (the three participants) to help him get there. He is suddenly getting attacked by pirates. First move now.

Pilot 1: Pilot flies in front and aims his rifle at one of the pirates.
Pilot 2: Pilot flies to back up pilot 1 but gets struck in the back by a saber from a pirate.
Pilot 3: Pilot 3 slashes the pirate that attacked pilot 2 mobile suit's head off and pushes the suit away as it explodes.

Hippo: After the pirates see one of their comrades fall they form up and charge as a unit.

Then we would move on with everyone's second post....

So as you can see this was a very basic and uninteresting example, but with your creative imaginations quests could get quite fun.

Quests will last all day until completed, but must be completed before the day ends. IE Lets say I post the quest at 9:00 am, members can come and make their move at any time of the day but have to make sure that they are following the move order.

So let me narrow it down:

  • Accept the quest and review the date that the quest will take place. Quests are first come first serve so accept quick
  • Log on the day of the quest and wait for my first post to make your first post.
  • After everyone made their post I will post again creating another instance during the quest
  • Everyone makes their second post
  • Quest goes on the same way until everyone makes their final move
Other things to know about quests:
  • You can accept a quest if you are traveling or repairing
  • If you accept and you are traveling or repairing the day that the quest happens you will automatically get repaired and instantly be transported to the location that the quest takes place
  • After the quest you will remain at the location the quest took place at
  • You may choose to be friendly or hostile with your fellow participants, but you cannot attack eachother.
Winning an accessory
Immediately after the quest, if an accessory was obtained everyone will roll the dice in the same topic to determine who gets it. The person with the highest roll wins the item.


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