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Hyaku Shiki - Phillip Strontheim

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Hyaku Shiki - Phillip Strontheim Empty Hyaku Shiki - Phillip Strontheim

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Hyaku Shiki
Fixed armaments:
  • 60mm vulcan gun x2 (on head)
  • Beam saber x2 (in rear waist armor)
  • Beam rifle
Extra armaments:
  • Clay bazooka (takes place of beam rifle)
Pilot: Phillip Strontheim (Full name: Phillip Meursault Sabah Strontheim)
Faction: Alliance of Global Humans
Stat Points:
  • NRV - 2
  • INT - 5
  • MND - 6
  • ARM - 2
  • ACU - 3
AP: 9
Cockpit Systems:
  • QBW-Control System (Recharging / Ready on 8/10/11)
Phillip is a up-and coming young star of the AGH, having preformed excellently in the officer's academy, particularly in the areas of mobile suit combat, tactics, and negotiations. Through some haggling and work on his part he was appointed to a position in the Secret Service, which has allowed him a great deal of freedom in his operations. Unfortunately, with freedom comes responsibility, so he must also pay for his repairs and extra equipment.

For now, his motivations are as mysterious as those of his faction, but suffice to say, he is not going to watch as history happens all around him.


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