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5/29/11 - First day

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5/29/11 - First day Empty 5/29/11 - First day

Post  HippoAdmin on Sun 29 May 2011, 9:31 pm

Hello pilots,

Today we had a couple of things happen. Those of you that are among the first members were given a salary boost, depending on how long you have been sitting around waiting for this to start.

We had one battle today, check out the battlefield forum to read it.


A couple of reminders for battle emails.

- Make sure the person you want to attack is in the same area as you and is not traveling. Check the character locations page to see where everyone is.
- Make sure the person you want to attack is not repairing. Check their character profile and look at their "status".
- I need an email from both participants if you want to duel.

There is one more thing I want to bring up. Posting in the role-playing circle forum has proven to be helpful when it comes to writing a battle. If you read todays battle you'll see that I incorporated some topics that have been discussed at the forum into the battle, along with some elements of the pilots background. So...keep on posting!

See you all tomorrow.


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