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Battling and Repairing Empty Battling and Repairing

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 25 Apr 2011, 6:30 pm

There are various types of battles that can take place in this game. After each battle a small amount of EXP is rewarded to each participant. Battles are determined by the comparison of stats and which special moves were used during the fight.

Below is a list of every type of battle that can occur in this game. The information also tells you how you can participate in each type of fight. You must be in the same exact region as the person, base, ship, or colony that you are going to attack.



After any battle repairs will be needed and will cost. Cost of repairs depends on the amount of days that you are repairing for.

1 day repairing - If you win an ambush or duel
2 day repairing - If you lose an ambush or duel
3 day repairing - After any other type of event


This is the basic and most common one of them all. One member of the game sneaks up and attacks another member forcing the victim to defend himself/herself. You cannot ambush someone that is in the middle of traveling or is repairing. You may ambush someone who is on the same faction as you.

How to Ambush - Send me an email of the person you want to ambush. It is possible that a person can escape an ambush if they have there own personal ship.

Where to find it - Battlefield Forum.


This is a planned battle of two people.

How to Duel - In order for this to work both of the people need to send me an email saying you two are going to duel. If one of them fails to send me an email then the battle does not happen.

Where to find it - Battlefield Forum


Ships can be attacked either by mobile suits or by another ship owned by another member.

How to Attack - Make sure you're are in the same region as the ship and then send me an email.

Where to find it - Events Forum


Base or Colony
Members can assault another members establishment either solo or with a team. It is possible for two different people to attack the same establishment at once, at which case they would fight for the victory.

How to Assault
Solo - Simply send me an email telling me the name of the establishment you are attacking.

Team - Every member must send me an email saying they are going to attack an establishment. Every member that sends an email must be in the exact area of the establishment.

Your Objective
In your email make sure you tell me your intentions in assaulting. Let me know whether you plan on destroying or capturing the establishment.

Where to find it - Events Forum


Missions/Quests/Rare Marks
These three types of fights are planned events (see Missions/Quests/Rare Marks). On the day of one of these events anything that a participant was doing is stopped for the event.

How to participate - When a mission, quest, or rare mark is posted and you are interested post a reply to the thread stating that you want to join with two special moves that you would like to do. Doing so automatically binds you to the event.

Where to find it - Events Forum


Team Match
This is a battle between two developed teams.

How to participate - In order for this battle to take place both leaders of the teams must send me an email saying they want a match along with which team members will be taking part. The teams must have an equal number of participants. If one leader fails to send me an email the match does not happen.

Where to find it - Events Forum


Free-For-Alls are occasional battles announced by the game master randomly.

How to participate - Anyone that wants to participate in a free-for-all has to post a reply to the thread stating they want to join. No special moves allowed.

Where to find it - Events Forum


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