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Gundam Epyon-G - Leslie Gustav Empty Gundam Epyon-G - Leslie Gustav

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Gundam Epyon-G
Fixed armaments:
  • Beam sword x2 (on hips)
  • Shield (on left forearm)
  • Heat rod (on shield; retractable)
  • Vulcan gun x2 (on head)
Pilot: Leslie Gustav
Faction: Star Blazers
Stat Points:
  • NRV - 5
  • INT - 2
  • MND - 3
  • ARM - 8
  • ACU - 3
AP: 12
  • Lethal Whip - completely disables one limb of enemy mobile suit and critically damages another. (EXP Req. - 115)
Cockpit System:
  • ZERO System (Installed)
Leslie Gustav, the appointed leader of the colonist revolutionary group dubbed, "Godspeed". She graces the cockpit of her beloved Epyon with her rave-styled uniform which bares the Godspeed crest, 3 interlinked circles surrounding a star. Make no mistake, when you see the crest it will be an image you never forget. At the age of 22, Leslie has done more than required to earn her place as the leader of Godspeed along with the nickname, "The Archangel of Death".


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