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Neue Ziel - Leo Drace  Empty Neue Ziel - Leo Drace

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Neue Ziel
Fixed armaments:
  • Mega cannon (in torso)
  • Mega particle gun x9 (4 in shoulders; 5 in tail binders)
  • Wire-guided heavy claw arm x2 (mounts mega particle guns and beam sabers)
  • Hidden sub arm x4 (mounts beam gun and beam sabers)
  • Large missile launcher x4 (in hip boost binders)
  • 6-tube micromissile launcher x2 (in hip boost binders)
  • 12-tube micromissile launcher (in hip boost binders)
  • I-field barrier generators x4 (2 in shoulders; 2 in tail binder; temporary protection from beam weapons)
  • Beam saber x2
Pilot: Leo Drace
Faction: Star Blazers
Stat Points:
  • NRV - 5
  • INT - 3
  • MND - 0
  • ARM - 6
  • ACU - 4
AP: 1 (5)
  • Homing Group (equipped)

Leo's family is originally from Earth up until the Alliance began to show their true colors. His brother was an ace pilot for the armed forces and after finally receiving his prized mobile armor, the Neue Ziel, he betrayed the Alliance and set off to space with Leo. They arrived in Point 3 to aid the Star Blazers in their cause. A couple of months later Leo's brother mysteriously disappeared in the middle of the night, leaving the Neue Ziel to him.

Leo relies heavily on his nerve in battle and with a mobile armor like the Neue Ziel it has proven to pay off. He fights with a purpose and tries his hardest to respect any opponent that he comes across.


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