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Tallgeese - Makato Shishio

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Tallgeese - Makato Shishio Empty Tallgeese - Makato Shishio

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Fixed armaments:
  • Dober gun (right shoulder)
  • Beam saber x2 (in shield)
  • Shield
Pilot: Makato Shishio
Faction: Red Being
Stat Points:
  • NRV - 1
  • INT - 5
  • MND - 4
  • ARM - 4
  • ACU - 4
AP: 6

Makato Shishio was born on Mars sixteen years prior to the Mars Nightmare, the bomb that wiped out 75% of the planet's inhabitants. In those early years of his childhood, Shishio lived an average type of lifestyle; his daily routines usually consisted of him completing the chores around the house as ordered by his stern but loving mother and father, Karou and Kenshin Himrua, and daydreaming about one day becoming as strong as his father and piloting a mobile suit. At the young age of five, Shishio's father would often take him along as a passenger in his mobile suit, the Tallgeese, in order to become acquainted with it because he had always told Shishio that he would someday pass it on to him. During those times, Shishio's father would always explain detailed battle strategies that he would use, and on what it took to be a "clever fighter" and not a reckless one. Shishio turned sixteen on October 19, when war was in its early stages on Mars thanks to the Alliance of Global Humans (AGH) from Earth. Shishio's father proudly served as a soldier for the Pro-Mars group and fought valiantly in many of the small battles that had occurred. This made Shishio idolize his father to an ever greater extent. On the eve of the Mars Nightmare, Shishio was finally given permission to pilot the Tallgeese by himself as an early Christmas gift given to him by his father. Shishio was gone for a whole 24-hours in the Tallgeese, taking this experience to the fullest, and although his father would have severely punished him for even flying into space, his recklessness also spared him the horrible fate that his parents suffered after the bomb went off on Christmas Eve. The immense love that he had for his parents, who had been taken from him, turned into a burning hatred for the AGH, and anyone who stood the way of his revenge. Shishio now lives on The Red Colony, where he has started a new life, with only one purpose, to avenge his parents' death, and the deaths of everyone else who suffered during the Mars Nightmare. He feels no remorse for those who stand in his way whom he kills, he has no emotion, he has lost any other will to live than vengeance.

Height: 5', 11''
Weight: 155 lbs
Eye/Hair Color: Light Brown
Eyes: Has eyes that stare straight through his opponents; most are intimidated by this.
Hair: Wavy hair, combed to the back that goes down to about his ears.
Physique: Small frame, but very define cuts.


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