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Gundam Exia - Ezio Bangladoosh

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Gundam Exia - Ezio Bangladoosh  Empty Gundam Exia - Ezio Bangladoosh

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 16 May 2011, 11:22 am

Gundam Exia
Fixed armaments
  • GN sword (converts to rifle)
  • GN long blade
  • GN short blade
  • GN beam saber x2
  • GN beam dagger x2
  • GN vulcan gun x2 (forearms)
  • GN shield
Pilot: Ezio Bangladoosh
Faction: Red Being
Stat Points:
  • NRV - 1
  • INT - 6
  • MND - 2
  • ARM - 6
  • ACU - 3
AP: 0 (6)
  • Sure Shot (equipped)
  • Back Up (equipped)


Ezio was born on the Red Colony. His father became the pilot of the Exia until it was captured and he was killed in battle. Ezio vowed to obtain the Exia once again and avenge his father, and angered by rage he wants to conquer the universe. After killing the pilot who stole Exia from his father, he now roams the universe as a member of Red Being, still inflamed with hatred.


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