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Gouf (Destroyed) - Conrad Vaugner

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Gouf (Destroyed) - Conrad Vaugner Empty Gouf (Destroyed) - Conrad Vaugner

Post  HippoAdmin on Mon 16 May 2011, 8:38 am

Fixed armaments
  • 5-barrel 75mm machine gun (left hand fingers)
  • Heat rod (in right forearm)
  • Shield (on left forearm)
  • Heat sword (stored in shield)
  • Zaku bazooka
Extra armaments
  • 120mm machine gun (takes place of Zaku bazooka)
Pilot: Conrad "The Frozen Star" Vaugner
Faction: Tribillion Army
Stat Points (1 pt available):
  • NRV - 0
  • INT - 6
  • MND - 5
  • ARM - 5 (+2)
  • ACU - 4
AP: 14
  • Centurion Module (ARM +2 / equipped)
Conrad Vaugner at first impression, even with his "Phantom of the Opera Mask" looks like a classy guy, as he is always dressed in nice black attire. He is a young charismatic man who is relatively silent and patient in nature. Calm, even in the heat of battle, Vaugner however is a tenacious and ruthless being. He is a man who bases himself on pride and is always looking to make a name for himself through battles. Conrad was born on the moon and raised by the mercenaries of the Tribillion Army. Due to his upbringing, at a young age he learned different battle tactics and how to pilot different mobile suits from the mercenaries. By the age of 15, Conrad was considered amongst one of the best mobile suit pilots on the moon. Vaugner then joined the Tribillion Army at the age of 18, where he flourished and quickly made a name for himself amongst his peers and superior officers. The left side of Conrad's face was severely burnt from battle, when a small fire in the cockpit of his mobile suite broke out. That is the reason for his "Phantom of the Opera" mask. Conrad favors speed-oriented offensive battle tactics and hates to get hit, which is why he relies on stealth and preemptive attacks. In order to accomplish these battle tactics, Conrad chose to make his Gouf the color black. It is because his black Goulf that he is given the nickname "The Frozen Star" which is another name for a Black Hole. Many soldiers who have survived a battle against "The Frozen Star" , have reported, "It's like space its self takes out each mobile suit one by one...almost like a black hole swallowing anything that comes in its path."

Height: 5'11
Body Type: Slim & Athletic
Skin Color: Light Brown
Hair: Long Wavy Black Hair (Shoulders Length)
Eyes: Green
Face: Wears a "White Phantom of Opera Mask" On Left Side of Face (since it was burnt from a small fire in cockpit of a mobile suit during a small mission).
Clothes: Wears Black: (Shirts, Slacks, Shoes and Coat) when not in battle.


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