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Post  HippoAdmin on Fri 29 Apr 2011, 6:13 pm

All the planets and some moons are available for travel. You can also find any base that can be found

The planet's close location to the sun makes it difficult for anyone to make use of it. There are a few establishments that can be found on the south and north poles. Anyone is capable to travel to mercury thanks to the current advance in technology, however it may still be unbearable at times.

Intensive research has recently been completed on how to withstand Venus' carbon dioxide atmosphere and extremely hot temperatures. Although these researchers still advise not to settle on the planet, the option has now been opened.

The Earth has gone through some dramatic changes since the years before the calendar change. Many would say that the main one would be the formation of the Alliance of Global Humans. Even though this "global nation" exists, there are still some nation-states that remain to be independent but are beginning to fear their freedom.


Sphere 5
Type: Land Base; Headquarters
Owner: Alliance of Global Humans
Add-ons: Mobile suit barracks x2, Ship dock x2, Advanced radar
  • Knight x5
  • Rook x5
  • Bishop x10
  • Main cannon "The Sun Ray" x1
  • Double barrel secondary gun x22
Land Battleships
  • Stalin (Alps class)
  • Roosevelt (Alps class)
  • Mao Zedong (Andes class)
For the past decade and a half the moon has been occupied by the heavily armed mercenary group, the Tribillion Army. During this time they have developed the largest military base known to man.


Green Crater
Type: Land Base; Headquarters
Owner: Tribillion Army
Add-ons: Mobile suit barracks x4, Ship dock x4, Advanced radar
  • Pawn x10
  • Knight x10
  • Rook x10
  • Bishop x10
  • Main hyper mega particle cannon "Lunar Beam' x1
  • Double beam gun x5
  • Multi-purpose gun x5
  • High beam secondary gun x5

Phobos, one of two moons of Mars, has become a universal lounge. Deserters, rogues, and just about anyone can be found at one of the many bars found on the moon.

Once settling on Mars began it swiftly boomed into a global metropolis. It instantly became the human capital of business, exchange, and technology, surpassing Earth in all these fields. The glory of Mars was put to rest by the devastating events known as the "Mars Nightmare".





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