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Post  HippoAdmin on Fri 29 Apr 2011, 6:10 pm

Freedom 3
An asteroid that lies 3 days from the Earth in the middle of space. The inhabitants of the asteroid's interior city were originally from various colonies of the other points but left their homes after protesting against the formation of the Star Blazers. When first established, visitors of Freedom 3 were at awe and claimed that it was a living paradise. After a couple of months tensions rose within the city when a Dean Harken compiled a huge list of radical actions that he believed would truely turn Freedom 3 into paradise. The list included such horrid acts as, cannibalism, enslavement of children, and dismemberment of certain limbs. The city immediately turned to chaos with a new faction forming known as the Freedom Faction to take down Dean's followers. Within days the city turned to ruin, with Dean's whereabouts unknown. Now deserted, people like to establish bases on the asteroids surface for its resources.


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