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Equiping Extra Armaments

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Equiping Extra Armaments Empty Equiping Extra Armaments

Post  HippoAdmin on Fri 29 Apr 2011, 10:35 am

Depending on which mobile suit you choose, some of them come with extra optional armaments. It is possible to equip them, however most of the time they will replace one that you are already using.

Temporarily Equip
If you want to equip and extra armament just for one battle simply state it in the email you send me. IE. "I want to equip the bazooka just for this battle".

Switching Out
If you like one of your extra armaments better than a current weapon it is possible to switch them. Send me an email whenever saying something like this: "I would like to switch my beam rifle with the bazooka, and stay with the bazooka from now on."


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