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Mobile Suits
The mobile suits provided here are a set of computerized, pilotless, suits sometimes referred to as "mobile dolls". Factions began using these convenient weapons because of the main fact that it doesn't waste any soldier's lives. Below are the different types that you can purchase to help defend your colony or base.

MCMD-A001 Pawn
  • 120mm Machine gun x1
  • Mini-bazooka x1
  • 3-tube missile launcher x2
Unit Price: 150 credits
Set Price (10): 900 credits
The Pawn was the first suit of the Mobile Doll series developed by the leading manufacturer, MobCo. It is the most basic of the series, but is still one of the most popular mainly because of it being so affordable and accessible. The suit is equipped with no beam weaponry.

MCMD-002 Knight
  • Long steel blade x1
  • Beam saber x2
  • Buckler x1
  • Vulcan cannon x2
Unit Price: 280 credits
Set Price (10): 2500 credits
MobCo's Knight was a dramatic change from their first suit. The Knight specializes entirely in close combat. The only projectiles it comes with are it's vulcan cannons, mounted on the head, which even then have a very short range. When viewing the frontlines of a battle you will almost always see Knights.

MCMD-003 Rook
  • Long-range beam rifle x1
  • Shock bomb x4
  • Beam pistol x1
  • Vulcan cannon x2
Unit Price: 350 credits
Set Price (10): 2900 credits
After viewing the gutsy capabilities of the Knight, MobCo decided to build a suit the complete opposite, mainly to support all those Knights in the front of the battle. The Rook's main weapon has an enormous range and it even carries a decent amount of short range backup when the action gets to close.

MCMD-004 Bishop
  • Chainrifle
  • 4-tube Missile pod x2
  • 120mm Machine gun
Unit Price: 200 credits
Set Price (10): 1800 credits
In constructing the Bishop, MobCo decided to stray away from beam weaponry again and to focus on a suit that focuses on aerial combat. The idea arose after many land bases kept requesting weapons that would provide them with air support. It turns out that the Bishop was not only more than enough support that these bases needed, but also that the suits were very effective in space as well. They are the swiftest of the four models during combat.


Other Armaments
The following items may be purchased to protect your colony or base.

Double Barrel Machine Gun
Unit Price: 350 credits
The most basic defense an establishment can have.

Double Barrel Rocket Launcher
Unit Price: 500 credits
Usually more effective than the double barrel machine gun.

Double Barrel Beam Gun
Unit Price: 750 credits
The most powerful of the double barrel weapons.

Anti-Aircraft Gun
Unit Price: 900 credits
Protects from aerial assaults.

Multi-Purpose Gun
Unit Price: 900 credits
Protects from various types of assaults.

Mine Field
Price: 2000 credits
Purchasing a mine field will protect the perimeter directly in front of your establishment. Your establishment can only have one minefield.

Beam Cannon
Price: 2000 credits
A powerful beam weaponry. Your establishment can only have one beam cannon.

High Beam Secondary Gun
Price: 3000 credits
Highly heated beam weaponry. Your establishment can only have one secondary gun.

Mega Particle Main Gun
Price: 4000 credits
A great last resort weapon. Your establishment can only have one main gun.


Land Battleships
Land bases can receive the extra protection of land battleships. Although they provide great defense, they are pricey and can be as expensive as a regular assault ship. These ships will always remain at your base and cannot be moved like regular ships.

Alps Class
Fixed armaments
  • Twin barrel cannon x1
  • Knight x3
  • Rook x3
Price: 3400 credits
The Alps' main cannon may be the only defense outside it's mobile dolls, however it's not one to toy with. Positioning this ship in front of your base adds a whole other stone wall that an assault needs to break through.

Gallop Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main cannon x1
  • 2-Barrel machine gun x2
  • Bishop x3
Price: 4300 credits
The Gallop's massive exterior tends to make enemies think twice about their assault. The three Bishops that it carries compliments it nicely protecting it from any aerial attacks.

Adrastea Class
Fixed armaments
  • 2-Barrel main gun x8
  • 3-Barrel main gun x1
  • 2-Barrel secondary gun x2
  • Secondary gun x35
Price: 5500 credits
The amount of firepower that the Adrastea comes with is unfathomable. The combination of the it's barrage capabilities and it's swift mobility make it a great choice in base defense.

Andes Class
Fixed armaments
  • 3-Barrel main gun x3
  • Pawn x5
  • Rook x5
Price: 3500 credits
The Andes' model is very similar to the Alps. The ship's armor and 10 suit strike force makes up for it's lack of fixed armaments.


Armed Satellites
Satellites are an exclusive defense for space fortresses. They can help provide a preemptive strike when an assault is coming and support when the attack begins. All satellites have a powerful main cannon.

Type 3
Fixed armaments
  • Mega particle canon x1
  • Rook x10
Price: 5000 credits
Type 3's long range team is perfect for detecting an getting the upper hand on an attack.

Type 5
Fixed armaments
  • Mega particle canon x1
  • Bishop x10
Price: 4600 credits
Type 5's swift attack force is almost impossible to get away from.


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