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Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 27 Apr 2011, 2:13 pm

Ship Dock
Price: 1300 credits
Buying a dock will allow you to leave one ship at your base or colony. If you wish to leave multiple ships then more ship docks need to be purchased.

Mobile Suit Barracks
Price: 1500 credits
In order for you to start buying mobile suit forces, you must first purchase this add-on. Each barrack can hold up to 10 mobile suits.

Mobile Suit Hangar
Price: 2000 credits
Different than the barracks in that, a hangar allows colony owners to have other characters become tenants of their colony.

Prison Block
Price: 5000 credits
Buying a prison block allows you to keep failed attackers as prisoners.

Advanced Radar
Price: 3000 credits
Adding advanced radar to your base or colony may help your defenses intercept an assault before it comes.

Colony Mover
Price: 4000 credits
Purchasing this add-on will allow you to relocate your colony or give you the option to drop it on another location.

Morale Booster
Price: 3500 credits
This add-on will help with your morale of a colony. Purchasing this will give it a permanent morale boost. Your colony's morale will not drop below 25%.


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