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Forming Teams Empty Forming Teams

Post  HippoAdmin on Wed 27 Apr 2011, 3:03 am

Creating a team is a great way to interact with your fellow members.

1. A team cannot be created without at least 4 starting members and an already established base (which must be owned by one of the members) to be the team headquarters.

2. Once the requirements of #1 have been met then the team leader must send me an email with the name of the team, the base that will become the team headquarters and the starting members.

3. Only the leader can add new team members. To add a member send me an email with the member that is going to be added.

4. If you want to leave a team simply send me an email saying so.

5. Teammates may no longer ambush each other, however they can still have duels.

6. The max amount of team members is 8


Team Forum
Once a team has been created, a forum will be put up for only team members to enter. If a member leaves the team they will not be allowed back in the forums. If a team disbands then the forum will be deleted.


The Benefits of a Team
Not only do you get to work together on various instances you also gain a few benefits.

1. If you are ambushed and a fellow teammate is in the same area, that teammate may come and help you in battle.

2. Team members receive free repairs when they are at their headquarters.


Striking as a Team
Assaulting a base or colony is much more effective while doing it as a team.

1. To assault as a team every member must first be in the same area as the establishment.

2. The leader must then send me an email saying that the team will attack the base/colony. Anyone that didn't make it to the location on time does not take place in the battle.

3. If the objective of the assault was to capture, then the base/colony becomes another headquarters for the team.


Team Battles
When more than one team is created it is possible for the two teams to have a match against each other.

1. The battle must be evenly match.

2. All that plan on participating, must be at the same location.

3. Both leaders must participate.

3. Both team leaders must send me an email, the day of the match, with the members that will be participating.


Team Sparring
As a form of training, a team leader may set up a sparring match among teammates.

1. The battle must be evenly matched.

2. All that plan on participating, must be at the same location.

3. The leader must participate.

3. The team leader must send an email the day of the spar with the members that will be participating.


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