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Establishing Bases Empty Establishing Bases

Post  HippoAdmin on Tue 26 Apr 2011, 11:59 pm

Bases are a place of shelter and protection for any pilot that owns one. Owning a base displays a symbol of power to the entire membership. When someone is ambushed while at their base all their defenses will come to their aid. There are two different types of bases that can be purchased.

Land Base - A land base can be established on the surface of any of the planets.

Space Fortress - Space fortresses can either be created in a Point or up to 5 days from Earth. To make things a little less complicated, the amount of days you put your fortress is the amount of days it will take to travel to it from anywhere.


Building a Base
The process of obtaining a base goes like this:

1. Email me when you have decided to buy a base. Make sure you tell me whether you want it on land or in space. Tell me the exact location of your base (IE. on Earth (land) or 3 days away from Earth (space)). Finally, tell me what the name of your base will be. Remember this will count as your action for the day.

2. Once the email is sent your base will commence construction and will take 4 days to be ready.

3. On the 5th day your base will be up and running.


Faction Base
Once you have an established a base you have the choice of letting your faction run it with you still being the commander. This will help make your base stronger and protect it from assaults. However, your faction will be charging you a weekly fee to help keep it strong.

1. To allow your faction to run your base, send me an instant message.

2. Choosing the lowest price will be less defensive, while choosing the highest one will be well fortified.

Slightly protected - 400 credits/week

Well protected - 700 credits/week

Greatly protected - 1000 credits/week


Ship Dock

Ship docks are really the only add-ons for bases. Adding this is a great way to protect any stray ships you have floating around space (see Owning Ships). The more ship docks you buy the more ships you can protect.


Losing Your Base
There are three ways to lose your base

1. Destruction - If you failed to fortify your base it will be prone to destruction during a battle.

2. Capture - Poor defense may also lead to the capture of your base.

3. Sell - You may put up your base for sale on the Bazaar forum.


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