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What Can I Put In My Email??

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What Can I Put In My Email?? Empty What Can I Put In My Email??

Post  HippoAdmin on Sun 24 Jul 2011, 9:46 pm

This topic will be your guide on what you can put in emails and when you can send them.

The Three Big Actions
You can only have ONE of these three main actions sent through email a day
  • Request for battle
  • Traveling
  • Shopping
Emails That Can Be Sent Whenever
You can send me more than one email a day only for these reasons. If you are doing more than one of these things a day please combine them in one email.
  • To add a stat point to a stat
  • To equip or switch abilities
  • To equip or switch accessories
  • To commence your upgrade
  • Switching weapons with your mobile suit (only if you are switching it for good, if you are just switching it for one battle then that must be said in the battle email)
  • Turning your base into a faction base
  • Adding a mobile suit to your colony's tenant list
  • Creating a team/adding a team member/leaving a team


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