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Beginning Gundam - Kyle Ryder

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Beginning Gundam - Kyle Ryder Empty Beginning Gundam - Kyle Ryder

Post  HippoAdmin on Sun 24 Jul 2011, 9:23 pm

Beginning Gundam
Fixed armaments:
  • Beam rifle x1
  • Beam vulcan gun x2
  • Beam saber x9 (6 in backpack / 3 in shield)
  • Shield x1
Pilot: Kyle Ryder
Faction: Tribillion Army
Stat Points:
  • NRV - 6
  • INT - 5
  • MND - 2
  • ARM - 1
  • ACU - 2
AP: 6

A young man of 22 Kyle was literally raised in the mercenary movement before being brought full fledged into the Tribillion Army. Both his father and mother were mobile armor pilots, actually they were partners, so Kyle grew up around mobile weapons. It wasn't until after a few operations he was finally accepted into something bigger than him along with his personal machine known as the Beginning Gundam. Overly ambitious, head strong, and fearless Kyle would push the lightly armored machine hard taking advantage of his ability to wield three beam sabers in one hand to always get the upper hand in battle. He is not above throwing his assortment of sabers as impromptu surprise weapons and scorns the use of his beam rifle until necessary, typically only firing it in the opening attack for before going in for the kill. For him combat is more than just killing as its a chance to not only discover himself but improve himself. A self-styled modern swashbuckler Kyle would have been a natural in the days of privateering... For now he is satisfied with just working jobs and proving himself to those higher up in the Army of his abilities.


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