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Establishing Colonies Empty Establishing Colonies

Post  HippoAdmin on Tue 26 Apr 2011, 1:55 pm

Space colonies are massive structures for people to move and settle in. Any member has the opportunity to own their very own colony at a pricey cost. Getting enough credits to purchase a colony is one thing, running it is another.

Building a New Home
Colonies can only be built in one of the 9 Points. The process of obtaining your very own colony is as follows.

1. Send me an email saying that you want to purchase a colony. Make sure you tell me which Point you want it to be built in and the name of the colony. Remember this counts as your action for the day.

2. Your colony will begin construction the day I receive the email. It takes 6 days for a colony to be built.

3. On the seventh day your colony will be up and running.


The Benefits of a Colony
Establishing a colony comes with benefits.

1. You will receive free repairs in the Point where your colony was established
  • If your colony is in Point 2 and you are fighting out in Point 2, you get free repairs
  • If you are fighting in your colony, you get free repairs
  • If your colony is in Point 2 and you are fighting in another colony in Point 2, you get free repairs

2. If you are ambushed by someone in the Point where your colony is, your colonial defenses may come and back you up. This will only occur if you have purchased mobile suit defenses for the colony.

3. It is possible to be completely protected from ambushes while in your colony, depending on how well fortified it is.


Colony Add-ons
There are plenty of add ons that can be purchased at the shop to either protect or advance your establishment.

1. Defense - If you want your colony to be well defended against any attacks make sure you purchase a good amount of mobile suit troops. You can also buy other weapons like beam cannons or turrets (see the Shop for the full list).

2. Miscellaneous - There are other add ons that don't contribute to the protection of your colony but benefit other things for your colony.


Running a Colony
Running a colony at times could get overwhelming. Keeping up the morale of the establishment is very important in order to prevent chaos.

1. When your colony is up and running you have a choice to give a weekly donation to the establishment to keep the people happy. If no donation is given, obviously the people will be angered.

2. The more mobile suit units your buy the harder it will be to keep up morale. Soldiers have needs and a small donation will not meet them. If you own 75 mobile suit units and are only giving a 100 credit donation weekly, your morale will lower greatly.

3. Morale will lower if your colony is constantly getting attacked. Make sure you keep your colony well protected.

4. If your colony has low morale it will be easier for others to take it over. It is possible to keep morale up without being heavily fortified, and that's by having a high donation.


Moving Your Colony
It is possible to move the location of your colony.

1. Send me an email saying that you want to purchase a "colony mover" and then tell me which Point you want to move to. This counts as an action for the day.

2. It will take 4 days for your colony to move to it's new location.


Losing Your Colony
There are four possible scenarios to where you will not own a colony anymore.

1. Destruction - If you're colony has been attacked over and over and you haven't replaced it's defenses it may be destroyed during battle.

2. Take over - If you're colony is being attacked while it's morale is very low, it is possible for it to be taken over. Once this happens the colony is no longer yours and any current tenants that you had are removed as well. It is possible to try and take over the colony again.

3. Plunge - It is possible to drop your colony unto a base, ship, or even another colony. In this instance your colony is used as a massive weapon and will more than likely destroy anything it falls upon. Before doing this make sure you think about how much you've spent on your establishment.

4. Sell - It is possible for you to put up your colony for sale at the Bazaar forum. If someone decides to buy it, both the buyer and seller need to send me an instant message about the transaction. Once the ownership has switched you have nothing to do with the colony anymore.


Dropping Your Colony
In order to drop your colony onto something you must first purchase a "colony mover".

1. Send me an email saying you want to purchase a colony mover and tell me that your intentions are to drop it onto a location. Make sure you tell me what that location is. This counts as an action for the day.

2. Your colony will take 4 days to reach its destination. On the fifth day it will fall onto the establishment.

3. The areas defenses will attempt to stop the drop and if the owner of the base/colony is present, they will help out as well.


You may invite other members to become tenants of your colony by purchasing "mobile suit hangars" at the shop. The amount of tenants allowed depends on how many hangars you have purchased. Members that have become tenants receive free repairs when in the Point where the colony is located.

To add someone to your tenant list send an instant message to me with the mobile suit's name.


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