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Post  HippoAdmin on Thu 14 Jul 2011, 3:48 pm

These "special moves" will be another factor in battle that will help determine the outcome. Abilities are associated with weapons, meaning you will be able to use certain abilities depending on what weapons your mobile suit has. The number of abilities that you can have equipped at once depends on how many Ability Points (AP) you have. Each ability has an AP cost and EXP requirement to use.

Obtaining Abilities
Every ability requires a certain amount of AP and EXP to equip. A player can receive an ability three different ways.
Obtaining - Some abilities will be obtained from quests, missions, and rare marks.
Unlocking - Abilities that are unique to your mobile suit will be obtained after upgrading.
Buying - Most abilities can be found at the shop.

Ability Points
Ability points are used to equip abilities. Points can be obtained from missions, quests, or rare marks.

Using Abilities
You can only use a certain amount of abilities depending on the type of battle. In order to use an ability you must tell me which ones you want to use in the email. For missions you must send me an email with the abilities you want to use on the day of the mission. For quests you cannot exceed the number of abilities in your posts. If no abilities are mentioned through emails, then no abilities will be used in the battle.
Ambush/Duel - 2 abilities
Quests/Missions - 3 abilities
Rare Marks/FFA/Team Battle - 4 abilities
If you are being ambushed you will randomly use one ability that you have currently equipped.

Unique Abilities
Each mobile suit will have 2 unique abilities that they can unlock. Both are unlocked after a mobile suits first and second upgrade. Every suit's first unique ability will basically be a beefed up version of an already existing ability.

Unique abilities require all AP to equip and they have a cooldown effect after each use.


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