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Gundam Exia Ambushes Gundam X Empty Gundam Exia Ambushes Gundam X

Post  HippoAdmin on Tue 12 Jul 2011, 11:56 pm

Derrick watched his cameras closely as a sparkling object suddenly appeared on the screen. The Gundam X hovered its hand over its large beam sword as it anticipated an ambush. A couple seconds later Derrick managed to make out a large blade pointed straight ahead and coming right towards him. The Gundam X shifted to the right dodging a stab from the Exia's long blade. Ezio spun the Exia around and stabbed the Gundam X in its shoulder with a beam dagger.

"You got some nerve invading my home space just to attack me," said Derrick. Without any reply, Ezio lifted the Exia's arms and fired from its vulcan guns. The Gundam X shielded itself from the rounds and opened the vulcan guns form its chest, returning fire. The Exia attempted to raise its own shield, but was struck by the fire first. As the Exia stood staggered, the Gundam X took out its large beam sword and flew above the Exia.

Ezio looked above as the large beam sword was driven through his left arm and countered with an upward swipe of one of his own beam sabers. Derrick retreated back a bit and fired from his shield buster rifle. The Exia had little to time to avoid damage and instead returned fire from its own rifle as it got hit, hitting the Gundam X twice in the legs.

Derrick paused a moment to scale the battlefield to see various colonies in the background.
"'s too risky to use my cannon to finish this guy off." He said to himself, "Fine you get an old fashioned defeat!" he exclaimed as the Gundam X charged to the Exia with its large beam sword while firing its vulcan guns. Ezio maneuvered backwards while trying to dodge as many rounds as possible. Once the Gundam X reached the Exia the two clashed sabers, both struggling for the upper hand. The Exia boosted back and tossed his short blade to the Gundam X, impaling it in the chest. Derrick removed the blade from his mobile suit causing an explosion. Ezio took this opportunity and moved in only to be greeted with a spinning slash of the Gundam X's beam sword, cutting its head clean off.

The Exia began to flee as explosions were set off from the damage.

Gundam X wins
Gundam Exia - EXP: 3 / Repairs: 2 days / Repair cost: 250
Gundam X - EXP: 6 / Repairs: 1 day / Repair cost: free


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